Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybelline Gel Liner in Forest

Let's talk about the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Forest, a gorgeous blackened teal that makes an opaque line and sticks around all day. A little over four years ago, I reviewed the MAC Kohl Power in Mystery, putting it through the ultimate test: having a baby. One of my favorite things about it was the color--more so than even the staying power. The color, a rich, blackened teal, would work for any eye color. It made it through the whole labor and delivery process, too. Well, Maybelline's blown the MAC one out of the glistening blue-green water with this product.

Maybelline's gel liner in Forest has got more teal, but it's still dark enough to line even the darkest lashes without looking "off." I tend to have that problem, so I usually have to put a swipe of colored liner above a black line snuggled in against my lashes if I want to do something out of the ordinary along my lash line. This line looks like it's a soft black until the light hits it. I'm reminded of dragonfly wings.

The staying power is perfect. If I put it on in the morning, it's still there at night and, barring an incredible attack of allergies, it looks freshly applied. It's smooth and goes on with very little effort at all, especially with the brush that's included (more on that later).

The price of the Maybelline liner is kind of high unless you can get it during a BOGO or BOGO 50% off sale. It retails at around $10, but that includes a brush. Speaking of the brush, I think it's different from the ones that came out with earlier gel liners from this line. I remember those first ones being angled, scratchy, and destined for the trashcan as soon as I opened up the package. The one that came with this pot of liner is indispensable. It's soft, flat, and tapered at the tip. It's perfect for doing a thick or thin line. I like to line the outer edge of my eye with the brush turned to the thicker side, then go along the inner half of my lid and my lower lash line with the thinner edge. There's no scratchiness at all, though the brush is firm enough to withstand eyeliner application.

I love this one and I think I may want to go back and get Sapphire too, which was released within the same collection.

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