Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just Dance for Wii

I think I might just lose my spare tire with this thing. I'm not a video game person. I like the Wii, but I'm not an addict. I can go months without turning it on. However, I have spent about five hours of my life on this game since I got it this weekend at the suggestion of my best friend. I'm so totally sure she could kick my butt at this thing since I have very little coordination but like to try to pretend I do anyway.

So what is it? It reminds me a lot of Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution (no mat though). You try to keep up with what the little person on the screen is doing, dancing to some great music from the 1970s through today. I had a fun time listening to the Spice Girls...felt like I was in 8th grade again.

The game can tell how well you do because you hold the controller in your right hand as you boogie your Saturday night away. The more energetic you are, the better. I danced my butt off to songs like:

Ring My Bell
Hot N Cold
You Can't Touch This
Cotton Eye Joe (favorite #1)
Womanizer (favorite #2)

You can seriously lose hours to this game without realizing it. But hey, at least you're getting a good workout.


Kim said...

I ordered this because of you, LOL! I can't wait to get mine. Thanks for the suggestion!

Eclectic Musings said...

You'll love it!

Christin said...

Yaaay! I'm sooo glad you love it! I meant to text you about it on Sunday but totally forgot. :) I love that they have a warm up you can do too, so you can make it an actual work out from start to finish.
OMG I rocked the Spice Girls song sooo many times! Yeah total nostalgia right there...
Oh and I'm thinking we should have a dance battle at some point... just throwing it out there! ;)

Eclectic Musings said...

I haven't even seen the warm-up. LOL Is there a way to make it play a bunch of songs back to back without stopping? I haven't looked for that. I've just been selecting songs one at a time. It is a really good workout. I think I'm getting tennis elbow from it. hahaha

We can have a battle, but you have way more rhythm than I do, so I'm sure you'll kick my butt. hahaha