Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee Blog

 My day is never complete without coffee. Generally, if I even think about coffee I have to go drink some. It revs me up in the morning and oddly enough, it calms me at night. Coffee at midnight? Why yes, I think I will have some...  That's why I was so happy to discover this blog:

Destination Caffeination

I get to learn about all the things I've missed out on so far in my coffee adventures. I've found a local roaster. I've found the amazing differences between fresh beans and those you buy on the shelves of the grocery stores. I've even decided on a few favorites (Kenya, Kona, and Jamaican Blue). We grind our coffee every morning so it tastes even fresher and extra delicious. But still, the quest for the perfect cup of coffee continues.

I think it's experiencing a few hiccups right now. It was at another location, but recently moved.

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