Sunday, March 14, 2010

Benefit Cosmetics, Revisited

For the longest time, there were very few Benefit products I thought were worth the money. Mostly, I thought they were hyped up average products in pretty packaging for exorbitant prices. Lucky for them, I was in a funk this weekend and went to Sephora to cheer myself up--all alone. Let me walk you through not one, but two, Sephora trips:

I went to Sephora yesterday on a mad dash to try Benefit High Beam yet again because I keep seeing it on people with skin as fair as mine and falling into a state of awe over how beautiful and radiant they look. When I guzzle down all the water I'm supposed to and run like a maniac hamster on the treadmill, I can get close to that--once the purple flush that consumes my face when I work out subsides. However, this product takes it up a notch and if I want to be lazy one day, I can still get the glow of a runner's high.

I've swatched High Beam before and walked away unimpressed, thinking it barely showed up. Something about the lighting in that corner of Sephora made it flash a pearly white-pink, though, so I decided to buy some and take it home to try on my face (trying testers on my face skeeves me out, and I'm not even a germaphobe). When I checked out, I had 500 points, so I was able to pick up a Tarte sampler pack. I haven't tried all of those things yet, so I'll have to review them later as a group.

Initial review of Benefit High Beam: I absolutely love it on my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose. I want to throw away the MAC Shell Cream Color Base I've been using because in comparison, Shell is a glittery mess. This doesn't emphasize my pores, it's easy to blend, and the cool undertones make it look natural on my NC15-NC20 skin tone. Warmer skin tones may like Moon Beam better, as it's got a gold tint instead of a pink one. It does show up enough to do the trick, but it's not obvious (so that's a good thing!).

I put it on over mineral makeup and it didn't make a mess of it even though it's powder. I imagine it will meld effortlessly with liquid foundations as well, and I've read that it works well at brightening up the undereye area when mixed with concealer (I could use that!). I'm not keen on the packaging, which is like a jumbo bottle of nail polish, complete with that type of brush, but it's better than having to dip my fingers into the product. The bottle is clear so you can see the color of the product inside and how much you have left. 

I'd read a review prior to going to Sephora that said a makeup artist told them to do a circle of Posietint on each cheek, then draw a line from the top of the circle across the cheekbones with High Beam for a perfectly natural, glowing set of cheeks. I have previously tried Posietint on my hand as well, yielding barely-there results. I tried it again and once again, something about those Sephora lights made me able to see it. It looked almost like nothing, but enough of something to possibly bring life to my cheeks. I didn't get it, though, because I was trying to be a good girl and just get what I went in for. That lasted all of a day.

Today, Ramona reeeeeally wanted to go to the mall to play on the playground. Awesome dad that she has was willing to hang out with her there while I went to Sephora one more time. This time, I was in pursuit of a sniff of Ralph Lauren's Ralph perfume because I heard it smells just like Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Things, but lasts more than the time it takes me to walk downstairs (it does!). So what did I do? Of course I had to pass back in front of the Benefit section to get to the perfume, so I picked up Posietint. Then I spritzed on some of the Ralph. I thought I was the one freak on earth on whom it did not smell as good as Sexy Little Things, but after the dry down, I was met with a schnoz full of freesia heaven.

Initial review of Benefit Posietint: This is a light, neutral pink that I think will work on most light-medium skin tones, but probably won't show up very well on pigmented lips. It gives mine a little bit of color, but nothing to get too excited about. It's pretty, it's natural, and it layers well underneath sheer nude glosses that are just a little bit too sheer/nude for when you don't want to look like you're wearing much makeup. For example, I layered it under the LipFusion Color gloss in Bare that was Sephora's $10 item of the day and it looks good.

On the cheeks, Posietint shows up way more than I thought it would! I look like I've been laughing my butt off and I'm in a jolly good mood even though in reality, I'm still a grump (slightly less of a grump due to the shopping though). I did the circle method where I drew a circle with the nail polish-like brush, then dabbed it around with my fingertip and it does look very natural. I could almost throw out all of my other cheek products, but since this is just the initial review, I'll wait a couple of months to see if that sentiment sticks around (and update you then too). haha

The packaging is similar to that of Benefit High Beam, but it's got a metallic pink coating on it instead of being completely clear. That means you can't really see how much is left or the actual shade of the product. The color of the coating is about the same color as what's inside, for what it's worth. The product itself is somewhere between gel and liquid consistency, which surprised me because I expected liquid.


Kim said...

Hmmm, Moon Beam sounds like something I'd like!

Did you find PosieTint to stain? When I swatched it on the back of my hand, it left a stain that lasted through a shower & more than 24 hours, LOL! It doesn't stain my lips because I use liner, but I'm afraid to try it on my cheeks!

Eclectic Musings said...

So far, so good! I think it did last all day on my lips, and they may have still had a little tint this morning, but not enough to notice. My cheeks weren't stained because I had on a primer/mmu, but I'm trying it today without any of that.

When I swatched it on my hand, it lasted pretty much all day, but had pretty much faded to nothing by that night. Maybe your skin just really LOVES it. LOL

Kim said...

I had visions (nightmares?) of me with a red-Koolaid stained mouth - like you see on kids at Walmart!! LOL!

It really is a pretty color - I love that shade of pink!