Friday, February 5, 2010

Maybelline Stiletto Voluptuous

Most people--myself included--tend to review things they're passionate about, whether they love them or hate them. So today I'm reviewing a product that I just find "okay." I wanted to go buy it so badly. I passed it up once at Target because I didn't get anything else there and didn't want to stand in line for just a mascara. Then I had to go to CVS and I caved. I think I paid $8.99 for it.

The packaging: The same cute stiletto-shaped packaging as the original Lash Stiletto, but a stunning red instead of the black shade from before. The tip of the stiletto is black. I don't have any issues opening the tube like I do with Cover Girl LashBlast (love that stuff but I feel like a wimp when I try to get it open so I don't buy it too often). The brush isn't goopy when you pull it out because the inside ring of the tube does a good job scraping off the excess product.

The brush: I found the brush a little awkward to get used to. I like to coat the tops of my lashes first, then go underneath. It was weird to try to coat the top lashes without making a mess because it's got a tapered tip but the brush as a whole is still curved. I think that shape helps curl the lashes when you do go underneath, though. When I apply my mascara, I like to wiggle the wand from roots to tips and kind of do a curling motion, too. This brush is not conducive to that kind of application. It's strictly a sweep-from-base-to-tip kind of brush. You may be able to wiggle it a little, but again, it feels awkward. It's great for girls in a hurry who just like to sweep it on and go, but not good for control freaks like me.

The formula: Not too wet, not too dry. I'd say the formula's on the drier side as opposed to Maybelline Great Lash, for example, that goes on like water. I got Very Black and it is...I don't notice any "patent leather" shiny effect with this one and I didn't with the original one either. Very Black is not as black as the Great Lash Blackest Black, if you're familiar with that one, but it's not gray, either. It's definitely black. I think I read that some people had a hard time dealing with the smell, but I didn't notice one (especially not in comparison to Maybelline Colossal!)

The effect: Mediocre. It brings out my lashes, but the effect is fairly natural. I attribute this to the inability to maneuver the brush the way I want to. I can get the same kind of lashes from a coat or two of Great Lash or a coat of just about any other mascara. It's nothing special, but it gets the job done without clumping. I had visions of fanned out, beautifully thick and long lashes in my head, so I was a little disappointed. I think I like the original better.

The wear: It stays on just fine, but I don't think I'd notice a drastic difference if it did start to lose its effect. It didn't flake, so that's a plus. I was a little worried about that because in a few of the reviews I read, people said it did flake.

The verdict: I wouldn't buy this one again because I like my lashes to be "BAM!" but if you're a fan of the natural look and want a mascara you can just throw on and go (with the additional perk of a little curling without a separate tool), you may like this one. It's just an "okay" product in my book.


Kim said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I'm always leery of trying new mascaras because I've been so disappointed by the hundreds I've tried in the past. But I like mascara that has a consistency that is a little more dry - and I prefer a natural look, too - so this one may work for me. Walgreen's had this on sale for $5.39, and I had a $1 off coupon, so I bought some today. Can't wait to try it!

Mommy Beauty said...

I hope you like it! I like my mascaras to make me look like I'm wearing false lashes, so it wasn't for me. I'm going to try to use it up anyway. Maybe it'll grow on me.