Saturday, February 6, 2010

MAC--Gift with Purchase?!?!

I don't think I've ever seen MAC do a gift with purchase before, and this one only applies to Nordstrom stores or When you buy any two MAC eyeshadows, you get a free Shroom (it's their best-selling shadow). Nice!

I was tempted since I'm finally about to finish off my Shroom after about 6 years, but there's not a Nordstrom near me and $8.00 shipping for 3 eyeshadows (total cost pre-shipping would be less than $30) is a little steep in my opinion. They do have free shipping with purchases of $200 or more, but I don't need that much stuff! LOL So if you need a lot of things from Nordstrom or you have a store near you, go check it out!

This is for today (February 6) only! If you take advantage of it, let me know what your two shadow picks would be. I had two picked out (Arena and Style Snob) before I backed out due to the shipping cost.

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