Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It was cold, misty, kind of a generally icky evening but we set out trick-or-treating anyway. Because Ramona had to get a costume that was a little too big for her, I ended up holding the edge of the skirt up so she didn't trip. It was nice and muddy. She didn't go trick-or-treating last year, so this year was her first. She kind of understood what was going to happen before we got going, but she didn't realize that everybody would be dressed up--even people giving out candy.

At the first house we went to, the lady was dressed as a witch. It was fine until she dropped a Tootsie Roll near Ramona's foot. Then the witch bent over to pick it up and Ramona lost her little mind, she was so terrified. The witch stood up and put the Tootsie Roll in Ramona's bag, though, and got a pitiful "Canks" (thanks) and a sniffle. Then she happily went on her way to the next house and wasn't terrified anymore after that. She especially loved this one guy who pretty much gave her his whole bowl of candy.

Fun times!

I had planned on doing a cool makeup post because I was going to be a belly dancer too. Circumstances led me to pass on putting on my costume, though, so I didn't bother with the crazy belly dancer makeup. I did do a mean smoky eye though, and I need to review two of the MAC holiday palettes (Sorceress and Devil May Dare). I used Sorceress for the smoky look. More on that later.

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