Friday, July 17, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Natural Flare Quad Review

If you could bottle Fall and put it in a kaleidoscope, that is what I am wearing on my eyes today. It's the sun trickling through the slowly dying--but going out with a beautiful bang--leaves in October, a beautiful array of gold, brown, yellow-orange, and amber. So why could I have passed?

For starters, I like standalone products. Sure, coming up with new combinations by mixing products is fun, but I want a choice. Without a base, preferably a colored base, the shadow looks like faintly-colored glitter or mud on the lids. And the eyebrows, which quite frankly are prominent enough on my face without sparkles. And the cheeks. If I were to apply them all with a Q-tip or my finger, they might give me decent payoff (that's how I swatched them in the store). However, I like to use brushes, so that didn't work.

Yesterday, I put them over Indianwood Paint Pot and the shadow was lovely and almost metallic. The shadows stayed there all day. Perhaps Natural Flare is a little too warm-toned for my skin, but golds, oranges, and browns do great things for blue eyes, so I'm on the fence there. Sexy eyes + sickly face = ???

Today, I'm wearing the whole quad over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I also wet my brush with Fix+. Again, metallic, pretty, and more vibrant than their dupes from the regular MAC line.

Speaking of dupes, did I really need this quad? Sure, Goldmine, Amber Lights, and Brun don't glow exactly the same, but I could've done without (and may still do without if I decide to return it). However, I can't think of a dupe in the main line for the yellow-orange color in the quad. Unfortunately, mineralized products are never all the same, so I kind of got cheated out of that color a bit. It's the smallest one of the four and the one I'll use the most of.

Pros: Colors can look glowy and metallic with the right amount of effort, you get 4 colors for $19.50, colors look amaaaazing on tan skin or blue eyes, and you can use them wet or dry.

Cons: If you're a blue-eyed, cool-toned gal like me, you may be torn between having amazing-looking eyes and the tones looking a little "off" on your skin; you don't necessarily get the same amount of each color; most colors are easily duped even within the existing MAC line; if you don't use a good base and/or wet your brush, you may find the color payoff less than ideal and the glitter fallout a big fat pain.

Tips: Use a base (duh), use them wet for extra intensity, and "pat" them on with a flat, dense brush rather than "sweeping" across the lid with a fluffier brush.

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