Saturday, August 2, 2008

$30 Lena Flat Iron Review

Here's a review on the Lena Salon Designer flat iron, "a $129.99 value!" I got mine at Ulta and I haven't seen them anywhere else, but they may be sold at other stores.

The price is good at $29.99.
It's cute.
It's lightweight.
It comes with a thermal protecting case/mat.
If you get Ulta coupons in the mail, you can use them on this and pay even less.
It gets the job done.
You can control the temperature.
It lets you know when it's heating up, cooling down, or ready to go.
Automatic shut-off after an hour, so if you're forgetful, leaving your iron on won't cost you your house.
Ceramic plates protect your hair.

Not as effective as the CHI.
I have to use more products to get my hair straight and shiny. A heat protecting spray alone won't do it. I use S-Factor Flat Iron Spray and Tresseme's heat protecting spray, then go over the finished 'do with a shine serum or Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream.
My hair doesn't like to hold the style as much with this one.
I have to crank it up to 400 degrees, the highest setting, to have any hope for straight hair.
Because of all the product I have to use, I need to wash my hair more frequently.
If you lose the receipt, you can't exchange it at Ulta for something else. I tried.
My ends tend to look fried anyway because I'm horrible about keeping up with trims. However, this iron tends to make them look worse, and they still look wavy—not straight. I don't think it's doing additional damage necessarily, but it's not smoothing down the crazy hair like other flat irons can.
It's more difficult to curl with this iron than others, though I'm not sure why. The shape isn't that off but it just didn't cooperate when I tried. Could be user error though I can do it with my old iron.
I sometimes have to go over certain pieces of hair more than once, and I have to use smaller chunks of hair than I did with my CHI, so it takes longer to finish. Not 20 minutes longer, but maybe 7-10.

You can see that the Cons list is longer than the Pros list. I'm still fairly neutral on the product, though. It does get my hair pretty straight, though I don’t think girls with ringlets would have the same results. My hair's just stubbornly wavy.

If you don’t have the money to spend $100+ for a CHI and your hair's not super curly, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Just make sure you keep your receipt. It's just "okay" in my book. Since I'm stuck with it, I'll use it until $100.00 falls out of the sky and just try it out with different products and techniques. ;)


Shelly Borrell said...

Thanks for the information. I have to say that nothing beats a professional flat iron. They simply provide the best results and CHI's are my favorite. I've found that My Hair Styling Tools offers a good selection.

Mommy Beauty said...

I totally agree! Thanks for the website. I will have to check them out when I decide to get another one. I used the CHI for a long time and absolutely loved it. My old one isn't completely dead yet. ;)

jack usa said...

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Amber said...

Not very many flat irons beat the CHI, but the Lena does pretty well. I have stubbornly wavy/curly hair. It takes me 25 minutes longer to straighten my hair and I have to straighten it in smaller pieces. (and I work pretty fast when it comes to a flat iron) This is definitely a good flat iron.

Anonymous said...

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