Friday, July 25, 2008

Victoria's Secret Mosaic Bronzer Review

Ok, I promised a review on this one and I debated on whether to just write it all out or do a video. Since it doesn't show up much in the videos, I figured a text version would suffice. :)

Application: I have used this two ways. I've used a kabuki brush for allover coverage to warm up my complexion when I have a sunless tan on my body but nothing on my face. I have also used it with an angled blush brush as a contour. Both look very natural. I never look too dark or too dirty. It does just what I want, when I want. With either type of application, I just swirl my brush through all the colors, but you can pick out certain ones to contour, highlight, or even use as shadow.

Color: Not shimmery at all, really. I got this one on purpose because I have so many shimmer products. There is one that looks to be about the same depth in color, but with shimmer. It was gorgeous, but I've already got MAC's Belightful for that.

The color is a light, matte brown. It's the perfect "real" tan look, not the orangey bronze that a lot of "tan in a compact" products tend to give off. For example, I have Urban Decay's Baked Bronzer (can't remember which color) and a lot of people on Makeup Alley said it was very natural. Yeah, if you're transitioning into an Oompa Loompa by playing in shimmery fairy dust. "I'll never grow up; I'll just grow orange!" I'm too white for that one, to say the least.

I would only recommend this particular bronzer for those with very fair to medium skin tones. Medium-dark skin tones would probably not see the difference. Some of the other shades may work well, though, so they're worth checking out.

Packaging: Sleek. Black with pink lettering (it says Very Sexy on the outside and at the bottom of the mirror inside). Sexy. Square. Portable. I love it. It has a mirror inside but no brush. If it had a brush compartment on the bottom, that would be better, but who really likes those brushes that come with makeup anyway? LOL They're usually low quality and you have to use something else. Also, it would make the packaging bulkier, and I need my space in my blush/bronzer drawer. It's packed.

A Note: The display had four of these bronzers, each with a different name. Mine was labeled Goddess, I think, but when I looked for it on the display, they had the other three and then one that wasn't labeled anything specific. It simply said, "Mosaic Bronzer." That was this one. It looks most like Natural listed on the website. I was confused, so you might be, too. Hope this helps. Mine looks like the one in the picture at the top.

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