Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skin Care Routine

I've finally found a skin care routine that works for me. I'm happier with my skin than I have been since I was about 21. The acne/eczema hit after that. Here's what my skin is like:

Dry--very, very dry most days. I have had to use Vaseline as a moisturizer before if that tells you anything. Now it's more normal. I attribute it to the skin care routine because I still had the dry, dry skin last summer.

Eczema-prone. It's very sensitive. I've tried natural products, steroids, etc, in the past. In my experience, it seemed like what helped the eczema caused acne and vice-versa. What a pain!

Acne-prone. I never had this problem before. In high school, my skin was spotless. Then my 20's happened and I looked 13! See above for the endless cycle of ugh when it comes to eczema/acne.

So here's what I've been doing and I've only been getting the occasional zit.

Morning: Rinse and put on the Kroger knockoff of Cetaphil moisturizer (can't find a link for it)

Night: Wash face with Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. If I'm wearing heavy or long-wearing foundation, I have to remove with jojoba or olive oil first. I just let it sit on the skin for a few minutes, massage it around, then wash--or I'll use Clean & Clear's Deep Cleanser because if I use it only every now and then, it doesn't do any damage.

Go over my skin with my Tweezerman Blackhead Removal Tool

Then I apply I Feel Pretty Product's Pretty Amazing 2% BHA Liquid and let that stay on for 30 minutes before I do anything else (I'll sometimes shower while I wait, watch a TV show, etc).

Then, after that's set in, I apply Paula's Choice AHA gel. I Feel Pretty Products has one, too, and I'm going to try that next so I don't have to order from a bunch of different places. It'll be a while though since these products tend to last forever.

Finally, right after the AHA, I apply the Cetaphil knockoff moisturizer.

It took me a while to work up to both using BHA every night (I had to work my way up from using it every third night because my eczema would wake up). Once I had that under control, I started alternating nights between the BHA and AHA. Finally, I got to the point where I could use them both every day.

I hope this helps someone. If you have skin that seems to have every problem in the book, I recommend trying these out. Oh, and of course you have to drink plenty of water!

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Beauty Tyrant said...


Glad you've found the right routine for your skin. I had that problem too, I had spotless skin then bam I had the most ferocious acne about 2 years back and it was devastating. I'm still phobic of getting the attack again. I think it's the thing when you have the transit period between your 20s and your 30s.

I've used Clinique's 3 step anti blemish solutions and they seem to work. However, if your routine is working, stick with what's working for you!

Good luck