Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go Bronze, Victoria's Secret Style

Victoria's Secret Angels always look like they just stepped off the beach, thanks to that radiant, bronze glow they all seem to have. I recently saw this video:

Usually an optimistic skeptic (umm...?) when it comes to bronzers and a lot of sunless tanners even though that's the only way I ever tan, I went to check them out. I didn't believe that:
1. They'd really look brown--and I wasn't even sure the sunless tanner would show up at all
2. The bronzer wouldn't rub off
3. The sunless tanner's color guide wouldn't be one of those that I absolutely hated (I prefer lotion types that don't have any tint); I expected a streaky, ugly, muddy mess until the color developed underneath

I got the Bare Bronze Shimmering Body Oil and the Bare Bronze Gleaming Self-Tan Body Tint because I'm pretty much so white I'm clear.

The first day, I mixed them together (roughly 50/50) like the video above recommends. All I did was squirt/pour a little of each into my hand at a time and mix them together. I thought it'd probably be a waste of the sunless tanner, but tried it anyway since I had two tubes. The results were amazingly bronze, shimmery, and realistic once I got my face to match my body (more on that later because I got the Very Sexy Mosaic Bronzer, as well--Happy Birthday to me!). I applied it from my neck to my feet, just to see how it'd turn out. The results:

1. As I mentioned, I looked glowy and bronze--NOT glittery and orange
2. The ruboff was minimal. I didn't apply over any other lotion. I put it directly on dry, bare, freshly exfoliated skin. I wouldn't venture out in white or pastels, but I wore a black shirt with khaki shorts and only got major ruboff inside the waistband and inside the bottom edges of the shorts.
3. It was so easy to smooth on. The texture was like a silky gel.
4. I was pleasantly surprised to have a very nice tan going on once I washed off the bronzer at the end of the day.
5. You know that stinky DHA smell you can get from sunless tanners? The ones that make you dread sleeping in them all night because your sheets will stink, but you don't want to wear them out during the day because YOU will stink and send throngs of people running away from your general direction? Not a problem with this one. I actually recommend wearing it during the day because the tint is so gorgeous, plus it smells pretty good (beachy).
6. I did have a little bit of a problem with both the mixture and the bronzer alone creasing along my neck and inner elbows. However, it was easy to smooth back out there. I just had to keep an eye on it. It happened once or twice soon after I applied.

Later, I tried the sunless tanner on its own. I'm not sure why the final color didn't show up any darker than it did with the 50/50 mixture, but it didn't. I still had a medium reddish-brown tan once I washed all the color guide off, just like before. It faded nicely over the next five days, so I wasn't cursed with "lizard skin" like I sometimes get.

I applied the bronzer alone the next day to give my tan some oomph. It was a little harder to spread on its own, but still looked natural. The color depth didn't change much simply because the sunless tanner's tint is about the same color (the sunless tanner's tint is sheerer on its own than the bronzer, though, so you can tell a difference between the two). The ruboff was also about the same--minimal. It took soap and water to take it off.

The bronzer bottle is heavy, glass, and it's hard to get the product out. If your hands are already slippery from applying some product to your body, you run the risk of tossing the thing clear across the room. I'm not sure if there's a pump available for it, but that would help.

The sunless tanner tube seems to be kind of small, though I've applied it twice all over and I've barely made a dent. It's also pricier than the regular drugstore stuff I tend to buy ($18 for 5 oz). It works sooo much better though.

Oh, I forgot to mention this: If you're going to be carrying around your baby with bronzer on your arm, dress him or her in something dark, too. There's ruboff there, as well. My daughter had streaks on her white shirt because I still have to carry her everywhere. LOL

I hope that makes sense...I'm going to review the Mosaic Bronzer soon. Right now, I have a whining, crabby baby trying to climb into my lap--probably to slap me because I'm a few minutes behind on her second breakfast. LOL

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