Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara Review

I couldn't find a picture of this one to use, but it's a black and white dual-ended tube with purple accents. If you're familiar with other XXL mascaras, it's the same type of tube, but with purple on it. :)

That's where the comparison stops. This mascara is ten times better than the other XXLs. My biggest beef with those? Flaking. This one stays put, thank goodness, rather than throwing black confetti down my cheeks.

Packaging: No complaints. It's the same kind of packaging as all the other XXL mascaras, as mentioned above. It's also kind of a fat tube with slightly tapered ends, which makes it easier to hold on to and maneuver. My favorite thing about the packaging is the satisfying "click" you feel when you close the caps; you know they're closed. Oh, and the brushes are curved, which should help with the curling part.

Application: I don't usually like primers, but I use them when they're attached because I'm a little OCD that way (or something). I have to use all parts of a product or it drives me nuts. The only reason I don't like primers is because it's one more step to put into a makeup routine in the mornings. They really do help boost volume and length, though, if you get a good one (I like this one, L'Oreal's, and Clinique's).

After letting the primer dry (if you prefer to let it dry first--it's personal preference), apply the other side. Coat over the primer. I like to do two coats to make sure all the white is covered.

I like that the mascara's not too runny like Great Lash, but not super thick like it's about to dry out, either. It grabs onto the lashes and paints them well, but it doesn't splatter everywhere as I pull the brush through.

Results: I wouldn't call this my holy grail mascara or anything like that, but it does lengthen and thicken the lashes. There may be a little bit more of a curl to my lashes than usual, but they tend to curl upward on their own, so it's hard to tell. It did what it said it'd do, just not better than all other mascaras I've ever tried, if that makes sense.

Price: I think I paid $6 for this. I got it as a buy one, get an eyeliner free deal.

Overall: I'd buy it again if it were part of a special deal like the one mentioned above. I wouldn't seek it out to purchase again, though. It may just win me over one day when I run out of mascaras to try and need a new one. It did what it set out to do, and it did it well.


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