Thursday, June 5, 2008

If you like MAC's Dazzleglasses...

But hate that they're limited edition or hate the outrageous price for a lip gloss, you. will. loooove Rimmel Kiss Off gloss. A lot of the colors are similar to the Dazzleglasses, BUT they're about $5.00 (compared to, I think, $16.50). They're also not as sticky so you don't (at least I don't) get that goopy ring-around-the-mouth or rip your hair out with your gloss when the wind blows.

I am in love with MAC's Steppin' Out, the only Dazzleglass I bought. My supply is visibly lower every week (even my husband noticed!). Funny, I pulled it out and applied on my way to ULTA. Welllll, lo and behold, I was glancing at the Rimmel display while my husband fed my daughter a smoothie type of drink from the nearby Caribou Coffee to keep her entertained.

I once again found something shiny and had to stop. It's starting to be a theme with me. Anyway, they had a dupe of Steppin' Out. Since I'm not done with Steppin' Out yet, I picked up a different color. This one's called Flashback. It's a whitish-clear with pink, teal, and--I think I detect some gold in there--microglitter (yay, microglitter!).

They are definitely worth checking out. I think there were about 8 colors.

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