Monday, June 9, 2008

For you edgy mamas out there...

I wouldn't call it a tutorial per se, but it's a walk-through on how I did my makeup this morning. I was inspired by Panacea81's Amy Lee of Evanescence look. It's darker than it appears in the pictures and the video. We have an orange level smog alert, so I won't be leaving the house anyway. Not that dark or bright eye shadow ever stopped me in the past... ;)

Anyway, it really does make blue eyes pop. It's also pretty simple as long as you don't load up your whole lid with color straight from the pencil. Put a little on, then smudge and work from there (Panacea81 does a great job of showing it in her video, though she's using different products). One thing I will say about using the NYX Jumbo Pencils instead of the Shadesticks she used, though: SET IT WITH POWDER. I used NYX's Dark Brown on top after about an hour (yeah, just an hour!) because it was already creasing on me--with a base underneath. With a color that dark, you can't just ignore creasing.

On to the video:

Oh yeah, I forgot! I am so excited now. My father-in-law figured out why my computer was being so weird. We fixed it, and it fixed my ability to upload YouTube videos, so there will be more tutorials coming at you now! I was getting so irritated because I'd try to upload them for hours and it would just die on me.

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