Friday, May 9, 2008

YouTube Issues and Baby Pictures

Hey! I haven't dropped completely off the planet. I have a couple of videos ready to go, but YouTube's working against me. It'll pretend to be uploading for about ten minutes, but then it dies. I'm going to keep trying. In the meantime, I will be doing some product reviews and other things that don't necessarily require video. But first, some baby pics, since they're easy and I'm typing with one hand right now.

What happens when Daddy changes the diaper...she looks appalled, doesn't she? "Bloomers on my head? Like, oh m' gaaaah. Daaaad."

"Arrrrrrrr! To the gangplank with you! That's where I send all the people who can already walk!"

This is her stinky face. We'll blame it on the dog.


Anonymous said...

Nice job onehanding! She is growing up so fast. Don't they all! How are you guys doing? I just started working at the E.R.@ it seems like I have NO TIME to do anything! I still try to check your blog as often as I can. Im a faithfull reader : )! Tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks! LOL I'm getting to be a one-handed typing pro. She is growing up fast. I can't believe it. She had frozen yogurt for the first time yesterday and the look on her face was priceless. She kept sticking her tongue out like, "You eat that crap?"

Congrats on the ER job! How do you like it? What are you doing? I bet it's stressful, but your shifts probably go by quick!

Anonymous said...

I really like it, Im a patient representative. Im the coffe, towel, blanket, pillow, can I use the phone?, when is the dr comming in?, can you go get my mom from the waiting room, can I have crackers, and a sprite, "IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU?" Girl. LOL I have lots of patience and compassion, so it works well for me. My first night was slow, so I lucked out. Tonight Im all by myself, but I think Ill do just fine. It can be stressful, but we see the funniest stuff. Then again, we also see some things that are hard to swallow. I cant believe she didnt like the frozen yougart.....believe me...when she gets a little older you wont be able to keep her off the stuff. I wanted to ask you what you thought of mineral makeup. I thought about ordering some of the "bare minerals" but Im worried that it will wear off quickly. I just thought I might like something that wasent liquid and was not so heavy. Have you tried that stuff? If so tell me what you think. Tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

Sounds like a great job for you--really rewarding! It must feel great to be able to keep people comfortable when they're nervous, impatient, etc.

As for Bare Minerals, there's an ingredient in there that tends to break a lot of people out (so I've heard). It broke me out, though the finish was beautiful! I've had better luck with Everyday Minerals ( You can get free samples from them to see if you like it before committing to the full size.

I don't tend to have a problem with my makeup wearing off unless it's a super long day (then I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Estee Lauder Double Wear) because my skin's so dry anyway, so I can't say much about that. Have you tried Revlon's new Colorstay mineral powder? That may stick around longer than some of the others.

Anonymous said...

I will try that, I just need something to last through the night shift. Ya know. Thanks for the tip...Im gonna try that. Free samples ROCK! Ill letcha know how it works for me. Im baking some cookies....gotta go check em'! Tasha