Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day to Night Look

Thank goodness YouTube finally worked. I've had this video sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks, trying periodically to get it to upload. Usually YouTube just dies on me after it pretends to be uploading for a while. I was getting so discouraged, but it worked today!

This is a daytime look that you can turn into a nighttime look with a few more products. Who wants to wash off their makeup so they can start over? My skin's too sensitive to do that very often, so I like looks that I can just add to for more drama.

I used mostly MAC products, but you can easily find similar colors at the drugstore. I'm going to list the colors here from memory, so let me know if there's something in the video that you need to know more about in order to find a drugstore dupe:

Shroom: Satin pale beige
Soba: Light satiny golden brown
Crystal: Icy lavender, satin
Shale: Medium-tone, reddish plum-mauve, satin
Smolder: Dark black, smudgy liner
Any black volumizing mascara
Blushbaby: Medium-tone, sheer pinky-beige blush
Lovechild: Rosy mauve lipgloss with copper shimmer

I only got pics of the nighttime look, but here's another one, this time with eyes open:

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Duda said...

What is dupe's blushbaby you propose?
Thanks ;)