Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oily Hair's a Good Thing?

It is if you shampoo later!

Late the other night, I read on one of my favorite messageboards that coconut oil is great for the hair. Apparently, it penetrates the hair shaft better than the jojoba oil I've been trying to use up on my hair since I decided I don't like it much for my face.

Not much for procrastinating when it comes to fun stuff (haha, who is?), I sent my dear husband out for the purest coconut oil he could find because he likes the grocery store and I don't. That reminds me, I have a single slice of Edward's French Silk pie with the chocolate crust in the freezer from his most recent trip...*Note to self: Eat it. Anyway, he came back that night saying it was nearly impossible to find at the grocery store and that he, "had to check the hippie food section" to locate it.

A quick thank-you smooch and I was off to the upstairs bathroom to saturate my hair with it. I wasn't expecting it to be so hard! The actual oil, not the process of getting it into my hair. I wrecked my nails digging it out, but as soon as I rubbed it between my palms, it turned into what I expected. You know, something oily.

I coated all of my hair from root to tip and left it on for an hour or two. When I shampooed my hair, it felt fantastically soft. I conditioned afterward, but I'm not sure I really needed to. I skipped it the second time I used the oil and it was fine (I never skip conditioner otherwise).

It makes it less obvious that I haven't had a professional trim in, oh, about a year.


Anonymous said...

I have naturally oily hair, I can use conditioner on my ends, but not my scalp. I am going to try this and maybe skipping the conditioner nextime wont result in such a hard time brushing my hair. ; )

Mommy Beauty said...

Let me know how it turns out! I hope it works for you. :)