Thursday, April 17, 2008

Instant Glamour with False Lashes

After an eyelash mishap the other day that still has me blushing, I set out to re-learn the art of false lashes. I used to be pretty good at it, but that was a long time ago. It was time to freshen up my skills, so I set out to find the best YouTube video about applying falsies. Here it is (and I love this girl's style!):

After three tries and a couple of my real lashes glued to the side of my head, I think they turned out pretty good! I was going to include a pic but when I put it on Blogger, it ends up taking away a lot of detail. Since we're just looking at lashes, detail's really important. Anyway, you know that tip they give models about thinking of something happy/sad/philosophical to avoid a psychotic blank stare in photographs? Yeah...I didn't do it, so I'll spare you the nightmares. But I think the lashes look pretty good! I just followed the tutorial above.

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