Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hey, You--I Want Your Thoughts

I've been at this blogging thing since January. I'm a newbie. At this rate, I'm just learning to hold up my head okay, sucking on my fingers (yay, I found them!), and maybe laughing a little (and you know by this age it isn't just gas). I wouldn't say I'm sitting up on my own, crawling, or walking--and I'm definitely not running yet. I'm starting to recognize familiar faces, but don't worry, I don't burst into tears that turn my face purple when I see new people, either. I welcome it. There might even be a big toothless grin in it for them.

What I'm trying to say is, my blog's about three months old and I'm still feeling very new to the blogging world. I love exploring through it, but--just like with my own, real daughter--I want it to succeed. I want people to like it. I want it to be, well, perfect (but don't tell my blog. Don't want to put pressure on it or anything).

So I want your feedback! What would you like to see more of? Baby pictures, tutorials (and feel free to make requests if you have them), funny stories, random beauty tips I pull from here and there (I've been slacking on these in some ways, but I've been trying to incorporate them into the tutorials), product reviews, etc? Is there something I haven't done that you'd like to see?

One thing I'm toying with that I'm not sure if I can do is scheduled blog posts. Some people have certain types of posts they put up on certain days of the week. I could do, say, Funny Friday (just an example), or Tutorial Tuesday...things like that. Do you like knowing what you'll find, or do you like just seeing when you get here?


Anonymous said...

I dont know if you would be intrested in doing some more of the polls, for different things, but i like to see what others votes are on ideas, Political, economical, or whatever sparks your intrest. I have been stuck on CNN and have been wondering what others think of the situation in iraq and the economical predictions for gas. Jaison and momma are so tired of talking about this stuff with me. LOL TASHA

Mommy Beauty said...

I didn't know other people liked polls as much as I do. LOL I will look around and see what I can find and try to do a poll a month or something. ;D

Thanks for the feedback!

Christin said...

I enjoy everything you've posted so far. Especially the tutorials. They're very inspiring, and I learn something new each time I watch one. I like the product reviews too. :)

Mommy Beauty said...

Awesome! I'll try to keep those coming. :D

ConnieB said...

Hey there MB!

I am so glad you did this post because I have a ton of things to ask you lol.

1) How do you know what makeup colors (or outfits for that matter) look best with your skin and hair?

I am referring to the great Warm/Cool debate that I can never get a clear answer to. The best advice I have seen so far is simply a list of "What works for everyone regardless."

I don't want help with what works for everyone though, I wanna know how to find what works for me!

Pretty please? Please do a simple guide for the clueless?

2) More polls would be fun!

3) Have you ever tried any of the cosmetics from ELF (Eyes Lips Face?) They all run around $1 each, but I am sort of in the "You get what you pay for camp" and was afraid to try them.

You are so great. Thanks for all the fun posts. I sneak your blog in when I should be working, but I always learn something fun while I'm here.


Mommy Beauty said...

Hey Connie!

I found a video not too long ago about how to choose eye shadow shades. I should dig that up and post it here. The guy explains it way better than I ever could. I might have to chime in for things other than eye shadows, but he did a great job using the color wheel. I've added that suggestion to my list.

Ah, polllls! LOL I will be doing that soon. I'm trying to think up some good ones, not necessarily even beauty-related ones, as Tasha suggested earlier. I want to do one/some about issues that affect moms.

I have an ELF lip gloss that I could review. One time I was in another town and I found a whole rack of the stuff (can't find it around here, as far as I know). My hubby had to stop me. I had handfuls of the stuff that I was trying to juggle while walking through Target. I ended up putting it all back except for the gloss. I figured I'd start small and see what the quality was like once I got over my excitement. hehehe

Hahaha You're awesome. I love that you enjoy the blog so much you sneak it at work. LOL Thanks for all the suggestions!