Friday, April 11, 2008

Dramatic Look with Neutrals

Someone showed me a Chanel video and asked for MAC shadow recommendations. I played around with it this morning and came up with a similar look, though my pictures didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. I keep forgetting to charge the battery on my digital camera so I'm stuck with whatever iPhoto can produce. I've tried it out with different lighting, but I still couldn't get much detail (except it likes to make my liner look horrid, but it's okay in real life).

I'll give a pretty detailed breakdown since you can't really see from the pics what exactly I did.

*Foundation of your choice, and conceal anything you feel that you need to (I used Revlon Skinlights in Bare Light and Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Fair).
*Prime your lids from lash line to brows with whatever you like to use, but make sure it's matte and it matches your skin tone fairly well (I used Painterly Paint Pot from MAC but a lot of girls like Urban Decay's Primer Potion).
*Highlight from crease to brow with Vanilla eye shadow with a fluffy brush. This is an almost-matte beige-white color.
*On the lid, use a darker beige. I used Llama from MAC. I think Llama's discontinued, but a good second choice would be Shroom (though it's got a tiny bit of shimmer).
*In the crease, I did a thick band of MAC's Satin Taupe (slightly shimmery gray-brown) with a medium-sized brush. By thick, I mean (on my eye, but I have a lot of room to play) I did about 1/4 inch of it, counting where I blended up into the highlight color. I took it from inner corner to outer corner.
*Once the Satin Taupe was blended into the Vanilla eye shadow without any harsh lines remaining, I took MAC's Mystery (dark, cool brown) with a smaller brush and drew a fairly harsh line right in the deepest part of my crease where I started the Satin Taupe. I blended that up, leaving a trace of the harsh line for a more defined look. I didn't cover all of the Satin Taupe--maybe half--because I wanted a gradient.
*The look on the Chanel site featured a LOT of black liner. I wanted it kind of smudgy at the lash lines, so I used Stila's Convertible Eye Color Pencil in Onyx and smudged it with the sponge tip at the end on the top. On the bottom, below my lash line, I used that same smaller brush from earlier, dipped in Mystery, and smudged it downward just a bit.
*I lined the bottom waterline with Onyx as well and blinked hard to put it on the top waterline too (I have a hard time lining up there). For a MAC liner, try Smolder Eye Kohl or Feline Power Kohl (Kohl Power?)
*On top of the Onyx on the top lid, I added a liquid liner from Bourjois. Again, MAC has a black liquid liner you can use (Boot Black?) or you can use Blacktrack Fluidline (which I personally love, but I was too lazy to worry with a brush today).
*All liner is from inner corner to outer corner. The eye is pretty much completely rimmed in black.
*Added a lot of black volumizing mascara--Cover Girl Lash Blast here, but MAC's Plush Lash is great.
*To contour cheeks, I used Strada blush under my cheekbone, stopping two fingers' width from my mouth. I sweep it on from the hairline to the cheek, then blend down. To highlight, I wanted to use a matte white shadow, but unfortunately I keep finding shimmery ones that look matte in the store. LOL I used Wet 'n' Wild's Gypsy. It's too shimmery. Don't use that one. ;) Apply on top of cheekbones, on finger's width from the corner of your eye, ending where you ended with the Strada blush. Blend it downward.
*Blush: BeneFit's Thrrrob. It's my favorite--kind of a mauvey-plum color with barely any shimmer. I put that on between where I put the highlight/contour colors--right on my cheekbone.
*Lipstick: Couldn't remember what kind of lipstick/gloss the lady in the video had on, but I used MAC's Sequin, which is just a rosy plum with frost on me.

Notes: The overall eye look is darker and more dramatic in real life. To make it day-friendly, you can lay off the black liner and do a single, thin line instead. To add drama, you can use Carbon in the place of Mystery.


Anonymous said...

OK, I am a natural kind of gal, so I dont usually use foundation, It makes my face feel so heavy and my skin feels thick. I generaly use mascara and lip gloss or matte long lasting lip color. I wanted to know, since you are using age rewind foundation, do you find that it feels different than the regular stuff. I guess what Im trying to ask is what is the difference between age rewind and oil free foundation? TASHA

Mommy Beauty said...

Age Rewind foundation tends to be more moisturizing. I have really dry skin, so it feels good on. The Age Rewind felt a little thicker than some foundations, but not like Pan-Cake or anything.

You might like the Revlon Skinlights if you ever want to just light up your skin without feeling like you're wearing makeup. The lotion is basically a shimmery moisturizer (I think it has SPF in it, too). I've been leaning toward the tinted moisturizers lately, myself.