Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caught in the Men's Restroom!

What's an old guy to think when he attempts to open the unlocked door of a men's restroom in a Caribou Coffee only to find it blocked? And then when he apologizes upon realizing there's someone in there, is met by a woman's voice saying, "Oh, it's ok!"--followed by a man's "It's ok!" Yeah, I thought so too.

I can only hope that he put all the pieces together when he saw me emerge with my husband and a nearly nude baby in tow. From the look on his face when he dashed past us when we came back out, I'd say he just thought we were some weird, weird people. Everybody else at his table and near his table probably thought so too. So here's what really happened:

Since it's really hard to concentrate on your own potty needs while you've got a baby strapped to a changing table (ok, it's nearly impossible, because she's either going to roll off mid-tinkle, or you're just not going to get to go), my husband agreed to change our daughter's diaper while I took care of my own need for a restroom. I started out in the women's room, as all good girls usually do when faced with a door for ladies and a door for gentlemen.

When I was done, I sat at a table and waited for him to come back from the men's room so we could order our drinks. A minute or so later, I saw his head poke out, and he said, "Excuse me" like he wanted someone to go grab me. I popped my head around from the opposite direction and he asked me to come in and help him with our daughter.

I went into the room and saw that she had suddenly learned to walk, jump, and turn faucets to the "on" mode and had leapt into the sink, turned on the water, and jumped back to the changing table where she then managed to strap herself in. Ok, not really, but her clothes were drenched. Badly. Normally we have a change of clothes in the diaper bag, but dang it if she didn't grow over the past few months, causing us to give her "spare" to her cousin, thinking we'd replace it later. We forgot.

In our flustered state and somewhere between my husband's, "I just had the diaper off for TWO seconds!!!" and my, "Wow! You really did pee yourself!" we'd forgotten to lock the door. Suddenly, it opened and caught the edge of the changing table. All the man on the other side could see was me. All he could say? An embarrassed, "Oh, excuse me!"

My husband and I both said our own, "It's okay"--me from where he could see me, my husband from further behind the door. The door shut quickly and we continued sopping up the mess (they had NO paper towels! But they did have a nice supply of see-through toilet paper).

We couldn't salvage the outfit no matter how hard we tried, especially with no hand dryer, so we just took it off of her. At that point, all she was wearing was a diaper and a bucket hat with Velcro straps. We tried to shield her with a thin receiving blanket we had in the bag, but she just kept kicking it off. Little nudist. She just wanted to throw her head back and feel the nice April breeze in her...belly button.

At that point, we just hit the drive-thru.

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Anonymous said...

I am just rolling on the floor laughing............This is the funny stuff that happens in everyday life of having kids! Tasha