Thursday, April 10, 2008

Becoming a Mom Took Me Full-Circle

Have you ever had something happen in your life that took you from the type of person you didn't mind being (enjoyed being, actually), to the type of person you despised? Were you so busy fighting an uphill battle to just make it through the days that you didn't have the energy to work on yourself, make yourself back into that person you used to be while one thing after another pummeled you to the ground?

And did some other event lift you back up to the person you used to be, something just as mind-numbingly fabulous as the other thing was tragic? What was it?

For me, becoming a mom made me feel like I was able to go through the transformation I'd been longing for. It's funny, because I still don't have much time to work on myself, but the sheer joy of waking up every morning (and sometimes 4 AM--LOL) makes it easy to be me again. I won't get into the "tragic" event because it's in the past and goodness knows I obsessed about it long enough.

But anyway, I was having a moment of enlightenment, thinking back over the past few years, and I thought I'd share it with you. Now I'm interested to hear what big events in your life have sculpted you into someone you don't mind referring to as "Me."


JessiIvey said...

I know EXACTLY what u mean! I totally did not want any children when I was younger, but the "stork" saw it differently. Of course, I now think that motherhood ROX! I didn't really have a "tragedy" that you speak of, but I definitely had to go full-circle.

What happened in your life?

BTW, Luv your blog! I'm just getting started...any pointers?

Mommy Beauty said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting. :)

How old is your child?

I'm full of tips thanks to my nerdy side (I love to research everything). LOL What would you like to know?

The thing that happened in my life that turned me into a bitter person for a while was my parents' divorce (I was 21 and a newlywed at the time so it messed with my head on a lot of levels).

Anonymous said...

I think having my children enabled me to find peace in myself that i couldent find being single. I was always more mature than some of the friends i had. before i realized, they were in a way different place than i was in my life. Having my first, showed me responsability i had no idea (mom told me but you know, some of us just have to do to really figure it out)what i was in for. Once she came, her life became way more important than anyother intrest i had. Then when my second and last came 6 years later, I couldent have been more ready. Being selfish is no longer in my vocabulary. I am so much more of a structured and mature person because of my children. Life is a different place with them here with me.The Joy and inspiration they give me, inspires me to be a truly compassionate loving individual. I appreciate them showing me TRUE LOVE. Tasha