Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was typing an email back to my aunt today and I started talking about how anti-sun I am. I slap on a sunless tanner to cut the glare from my legs, and I dabble in bronzers for my face. I also love bronzers for my legs that don't come off unless I tell them to (with soap and water).

As the editor of LoveToKnow Sunglasses, I am always preaching about wearing sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. If you don't have the UV protection but you have the shade from the tinted lenses, your pupils widen more and allow more sunlight in--doing more damage to your eyes in the long run.

So anyway, that brings me back around to protecting your skin from the sun. Want to fight wrinkles before they start (how's that for sounding like a commercial)? Skip the sun. Skip the tanning beds. If you want color, get it from a bottle or a compact. The cool part is, when you get your color from a bottle, you can scrub it off a few days later for a retro glam look featuring red lips on a fair face. It's like being a chameleon.

And you aren't left with freckles, moles, or skin cancer for your trouble. Maybe a little dry skin. Maybe.

Since I'm just a sunscreen nerd and not an expert, I'll direct you to for all the information about which sunscreen is best and why. While there, you'll also see step-by-step tips on how to apply your tan, how to manage your tan on vacation, and how to choose products that will work best for you. I will say that my favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 45. It's not sticky like so many others.

During the summer, I hope to hop back onto the sunless tanning wagon and do some reviews of my own.

As proof that I'm really freaking out about the fact that I can't put sunscreen on my daughter until she turns one, here's a picture:
Yep, the sunglasses are crooked, but she's a baby on the go! LOL She was obviously not as shaded as I'd have liked, but right after the picture was taken, we turned our backs to the sun for our walk. She got so many giggles while we were walking around the park (we straightened her sunglasses before proceeding!).


Anonymous said...

She is getting so big!!!!! SUCH A CUTIE!

Speaking of self tanning, I agree fully with you about skiping the sun, however....I have only found one self tanner that dosent make me look like I was caught in the carrot bin.....I like jergens gradual tanning lotion, but I hate the smell. I need to find something that smells good and dosent turn me orange. If you see anything...let us all know. Tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

Tasha, it's funny you should say that. I started using gradual tanners when I discovered the Jergens one. I, too, hated smelling like I'd been routinely skipping showers, so I started looking at others.

One that I found and love (still love it) is the L'Oreal Sublime one. I love that whole line, really. My two favorites from them are the gradual and the gelee. I actually got compliments on the scent of the gelee once when I wore it to work; it's almost like a floral perfume.

The Hawaiian Tropics one didn't turn me orange, but I wasn't too keen on the smell of it either. Kind of like green tea gone bad. It's still not as stinky as the Jergens one though.

SUN Dark Sunsation's a good one if you want to look really dark. There are only two downsides:
1. The color guide (I hate color guides because they're just messy and you can't wear them out of the house, so you have to tan at night and ruin your pajamas and sheets, plus it just feels gross to sleep in)
2. The smell. Again, not as bad as Jergens, but there's definitely a DHA odor.
So that one's good if you're going to be lounging around the house for about 3-4 hours before your shower (though if you leave it on longer, in my experience, it looks better).
The color is unbelievable though, so it still has a place in my heart.

Hope that helps! I'll keep mentally going through all the sunless tanners I've tried and report back if I think of a good one I forgot to mention.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! ; )