Friday, March 28, 2008

So my daughter's learned to shriek...

I'm talking blood-curdling, ear piercing (hey, I needed a new one--I only have two in each ear...wouldn't mind one in the cartilage at the top), how-the-heck-do-you-listen-to-that-sound-inside-your-head-you-crazy-munchkin SHRIEKING.

It's enough to send me running from stores and cafes to protect the ears and sanity of others (unfortunately I can't leave the sound behind, so I'm not commenting on my own ears or sanity). If I'm lucky, everybody else leaves first, thinking the fire alarm's going off and they're all about to die. Then when the shriekfest is over, I can sit there in a deserted coffee shop with my favorite drink. Me, the kid, and maybe the person who makes me the good drinks. Cafe Americano, anyone?

To keep it on-topic, let's just say it's hard to show off your makeup very well with your head permanently turned sideways, one ear forward and one ear back, trying to miss a direct assault of the squeals, face scrunched completely in anticipation of the next scream (do you have to be so dang happy all the time? Kidding, kidding...glad she's a happy baby), lips pointing down on each side making a parabola even a TI-85 couldn't graph (eh? eh?)...

Guess I better start doing my hair instead.

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