Monday, March 17, 2008

Products That Do Double Duty

Say that three times fast.

When I'm in a hurry, I hate having to pull out tons and tons of products from my stash just to put on a presentable face. Half the time I'm going out to take dry cleaning or grab some coffee, so it's not like I need to shoot for a seductive smoky eye or smudge-free red lips (not every day, at least!).

I'm not the 1950's housewife who vacuums her house in heels with one arm and holds a baby yanking on her pearls with the other. Quite the opposite, in fact. I like colorful jewelry that sparkles, I've just about forgotten how my vacuum works (my husband loves the vacuum), and I'm not so into multi-tasking that I hold my baby while I do what I consider "heavy" housework. And those heels? Well, I'm back in heels as an earlier post will prove, but I don't just wear them around the house for fun! LOL

While the 1950's housewife image is the epitome of multi-tasking, I prefer to do it in other ways. I like it when my makeup multi-tasks. It gives me more free time so I don't have to multi-task at such insane levels. Here are a few of my favorite multi-tasking products:

Pigments/loose shadows: So many different lines have them, but honestly, I don't have a favorite. NYX is cheap and it's just as good as MAC if you can get past the PITA packaging. Dump it into a small screw-top jar and you're good. If you buy neutral colors, you can use the same pigments for eye shadow, blush/highlighter, and lipstick (just mix with chapstick or clear gloss). You can even get a slightly shimmery one in a color that's close to your skin tone and make your mundane liquid or loose powder foundation come to life by mixing them together.
Bourjois has the mini sizes for $9 at Ulta. It's not as good of a deal as the MAC Pigments for $19, but who uses those whole jars up anyway?

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly: This one won't work for everyone, but if your coloring is similar to mine (P-A-L-E), try using this as a concealer. It's also an excellent eye shadow base, which is what it's designed for. If I don't want to mess with eye shadow on top, it helps to even out the coloring of my lids, too.

Basically, I use this on my upper and lower lids every day. If it's too pink-based for you, try Soft Ochre, which is more golden. You may even want to branch out to the Paints for more colors. Make sure if you're ordering online, you check the finish of the product. Some are too shimmery to use under the eye. You're looking for the ones that say "Cream" after their name.

If I do feel like doing an eye shadow/liner look, this works very well for holding them both on for hours and hours. I prefer these to the Urban Decay Primer Potion everyone talks about. At least you can access all of the product you paid for (if you don't tear open the packaging on the Urban Decay stuff, you throw away over half...and a tube is almost $20).

Mineral (Powder) Makeup: Mix it with the moisturizer you were going to put on underneath anyway to avoid having to break out the kabuki brush and create a tinted moisturizer right in the palm of your hand.

Stila Convertible Color: Put it on your cheeks with a skunk brush like the MAC 187 or use your fingertips to distribute the color. Then put some on your lips. Voila--fresh-faced beauty. I have this one in Peony. I really, really want to try their product called Cherry Crush but I couldn't find it in the Ulta near me. It's in the same type of container as their Lip Glazes (click-click-click).

Stila Convertible Eye Color: I will include this though it's not technically one single product that you use for more than one thing. It's one product that has eye shadow, liner, and a smudger in one. It's really handy to just have to pull that one out, rather than fish around for complementary shadow and liner shades, then something to smudge the liner with. The one I have is Onyx. There's a liner on one end, a smudger on the other, with an eye shadow camped out between the two ends (twist the middle apart...some people don't even notice this part of it at first...I didn't).

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