Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Plucking Your Brows

A reader had a great question--what's the best pair of tweezers on the market? Tweezerman tweezers! Not only are they very, very precise and often come with a free sharpening certificate, but they are keeeey-yute! There are bright colors, animal print, and more utilitarian colors (if you must). They're eye-catching on your bathroom counter, but the most important thing they catch is your hair.

I'd always read about Tweezerman tweezers in magazines and on different beauty sites, but I was never a believer. My slanted tip silver tweezers from the drugstore were fine, right? Then my friend gave me a [red] pair for Christmas with the seal of her approval.

They're sharp, so they can really get in there and grab the smallest hairs (those aggravating ones that grow in right at the top of your eyelid that you have to try over and over again to grab, for example). I don't stand there, mirror in one hand, tweezers in the other, pinching and pulling at my delicate eyelid skin anymore.

Why not just go get them waxed or threaded, you might ask? Because I prefer to spend my money other ways, and I really don't trust other people with hot wax on my eyebrows on a regular basis. I like my brows thick, but not unruly, and a lot of places will take half of the hair off rather than just cleaning them up. So I go and have my brows waxed every few months, tweezing and trimming on my own in between sessions.

Threading's supposedly awesome, but again, that's trusting your face to someone else's opinion on what a face should look like (LOL), and I've never found a place that does threading.

Anyway, you can find Tweezerman tweezers at Ulta and Sephora for right around $20-$25. You can also order online at Tweezerman.com or Amazon.com. If you order the mini green tweezers from Tweezerman's website, they'll donate $1.00 to the National Arbor Association--for every one of these sets of tweezers sold, a tree will be planted.


Connie Brooks said...

Thank you! I am off to buy them. Do you have an affiliate link? Happy to share the love lol.

Mommy Beauty said...

LOL No, sadly, no affiliate link. I'm still learning about all that. Thanks for asking though!

Let me know what you think of the tweezers once you get them. :)

Mommy Beauty said...

You know what? I'm looking into this affiliate stuff right now. I like it. It's easier than I thought, so I think I'm going to do it (looking at Sephora right now). Thanks!

Connie Brooks said...

I haven't forgotten you! Please keep the link up. I am going to treat myself to these as soon as I can. (Like the next time my brows start to creep towards my nose!)