Thursday, March 27, 2008

MAC Heatherette Trio 1 (supposed to be a tutorial)

Man, I sat down and did my first tutorial and it was pretty good (I think). But guess what happened when I tried to save it? Something! Don't know what. LOL So I don't have it anymore. I thought about wiping all my makeup off and starting over, but my daughter might wake up and then I'd have to walk around looking scary for the rest of the day (I just got my makeup on at 3:30!). It's been a looong day. So I got a little goofy with the aftermath. And I, having no shame, decided to post it anyway. I hope to be able to try again tomorrow, with even better results. There are some pics at the end of the video, but they turned out lighter than I'd have liked. Darn iPhoto. I thought I'd be quick about it.

Here's what I used:
Face: Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid and Powder, MAC First Flush MSF (?)
Eyes: Bare Study Paint Pot, Delphic Fluidline, Heatherette Trio 1 (all colors), Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Eye Definer in Noir (and it looks wonky on the video, but I'm not sure why because it isn't crazy in person), MAC Glitterliner in Pewterpink, L'Oreal Voluminous Naturale in Blackest Black
Lips: Dr Pepper Lip Smacker (and it is lip smackin' good)


Christin said...

LOVE the eyes!! They look awesome. :)

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks! I love that trio; the shadows are so soft. :) I wish my tutorial had worked. LOL I felt like a goober but I didn't want to sit there and point to different parts of my eye and say what I did earlier.

So I goobered it up more. ;)