Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Curse of the Sweatpants

Before I ever got pregnant, I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms who forgot that the cosmetics aisle was an array of dazzling colors, a smorgasbord begging for the touch of a creative hand (or even a cheap brush). It is conveniently next to the Bottom Butter (great stuff, by the way! It doesn't sting little baby butts and it smells like cocoa butter.), the baby powder, and the lavender vanilla baby wash, after all.

I promised myself I'd wear "real" clothes and became even more vehement in that vow during the last few months of pregnancy when yoga pants and sweats were all that would fit my semi-newly-acquired--and untouchable to strangers, dagnabbit--weighted beach ball belly.

After giving birth, the weight didn't just fall away like I'd planned on it doing (ha ha). I was convinced I'd be one of those miracle girls whose skinny jeans fit the day she left the hospital. There's nothing to that whole wishful thinking thing, y'all. It didn't work. Pregnancy may have robbed me of my sanity (and arguably my sense of humor on especially hot days when I was 9 months pregnant in August), but it obviously didn't snatch my imagination away. So...on went the yoga pants, the sweat pants, and even the fleece pants with the drawstring waistband--again.

They just kept coming back.

I think I've finally shaken my desire to wear them all the time, now that my daughter's more manageable and I have time to button my blue jeans (and zip them too!). It could also be that the weather's too cold for such thin pants, but I like to think that I don't have to live in fear anymore. Fear of summer, fear of my next pregnancy (will the sweat pants really dig their claws in, along with my well-loved watermelon colored Crocs flip-flops?), fear of soft and stretchy cotton in bright pink, coral, and even gray...

For now, I'll leave my stretchy pants for going to the gym. And I'll keep slapping on makeup every morning like I'm getting ready for work outside the house--not a day of errands and writing articles on my couch. It's kind of become a relaxation technique anyway.

Stay tuned (probably for a few years) for Pregnant Crystal, Part II: the Return of the Sweatpants. In the meantime, I'll keep blabbing on about makeup, my daughter, and more. I promise I'll do some actual tutorials soon. I've gotten a little more behind in my work than I'd like to be, so I haven't been posting as much as usual.

Speaking of multiple pregnancies (not pregnancies with multiples!), for those of you with more than one child, how long did you wait between babies? I know I want about a soccer team (though hubby says no more than 4, but preferably we'll stop at 2), but I'm not sure how to time it all out. Some days, I think it'd be best to go ahead and try now and get all the craziness out of the way at one time. Other days, I think it's best to wait until the first is at least potty trained. How did you decide to space out your kids?


Anonymous said...

Well, see here's the thing, nothing is ever as its planned, however, I waited 6 years between my 2 biological children. Eryn was old enough to understand the part about not having as much time for her because dylan needed me 24/7, but could also understand what I needed her to do to help me. She has never had behavioral problems....she is truly a "Good Kid" as they say. I think having kids too close together kind of robs the older from attention they might need more when their younger than when their older. I think the idea of "getting the crazness over" is not really the case, It dosent actually end, but I think its easier with more time between kids. My theory is based on having met Jaison and merging all of our kids together and then having dylan......hence, the order of ages with all the kids....Mark 11, Adam 9, Eryn 8, Steven 7, and finally Dylan 2. Jaison says that having the boys so close in age was much more difficult than it was having dylan and all the kids being older and capable of taking care of themselves to a certian degree. I know, a book right? sorry Tasha

Anonymous said...

I still live in my capri's and tees. I need to get dressed more often.

Mommy Beauty said...

Yeah, that makes sense. I can see the logic behind waiting until the older kid's had their own time with their parents may give them a stronger base when another sibling comes along. Plus they can do things on their own. Less craziness for me to have to deal with if the oldest can get ready for school while I get the baby up, fed, and ready to go. LOL

Mommy Beauty said...

Capris are great! Paired with a cute top, you can still look like you're stylish, even if you're comfortable.

When I say I'm saying no to sweatpants, I'm definitely not dressing up. Just jeans and a cute, casual top of some kind. hehehe

Long gone are my days of putting on a skirt based on a whim. ;)

Anonymous said...

I cant tell you the last time I put on a dress or skirt! probably 2 least. ; ) tasha

Christin said...

I'm not a parent, so I'm not sure that my opinion is the best, but I like the idea of getting the first child over the "baby" stage and into toddler stage, before having the next one. (Maybe after potty training) I know that with the first family I nannied for, they had their second child when the first was almost 4, and she loved the idea of being the big sister. She was just enamored with her mom being pregnant, and just adores her baby brother now. She was old enough to enjoy the process, yet still little too.

Mommy Beauty said...

Christin, you make a good point. I enjoyed waiting for my sister to be born. I was so excited. I think 4 is a good age for the first one to get to before the other was born.