Friday, February 29, 2008

Whiten Your Teeth without Bleach

If you're pregnant, nursing, or if you just have sensitive teeth, bleaching your teeth isn't the best thing in the world to do right now. However, if you have to have your one (or several, if you're not pregnant or nursing) cup of coffee a day to keep living, your teeth may not be the shade of white you'd like.

Lipsticks, glosses, and liners with blue undertones--especially reds, plums, and some pinks, can brighten your smile. Slapping some on is painless, quick, and it can wake your face up along with your smile.

These are some of my favorites that make my teeth look whiter when I wear them. I'm a huge coffee fiend...if you saw Stephen Colbert's skit about Starbucks closing nationwide for three hours, well, he probably used me for inspiration.

I'm a little disappointed with how my swatches turned out on camera (even worse after I uploaded them for some reason), but here they are, left to right, top to bottom:

1. MAC Lovechild Lipglass
2. MAC Palatial Lustreglass
3. MAC Composure Mattene Lipstick
4. MAC High Top Lipstick (Fafi)
5. MAC Capricious Lipstick
6. MAC Pink Maribu Lipstick
7. Jordana Baby Berry Easy Liner for Lips
8. MAC Lush-n-Lilac Cremestick Pearl Liner
9. L'Oreal Fusion GlamShine
10. Revlon Rum Radiance Lip Glide
11. Prestige Spark Vinylwear
12. Victoria's Secret Grapesicle Lip Gloss (it looks like a blank spot on my hand because it's so sheer, but it's a very soft lilac color that looks great over berry-toned lipsticks)
13. MAC Kissable Slimshine
14. Stila Brown Sugar Lip Glaze
15. MAC Dubonnet Lipstick (which looks lovely with Red Enriched Liner, which I forgot to include)
16. MAC Sophisto Lipstick
17. MAC Rebel Lipstick
18. MAC Sweetie Lipstick
19. Maybelline Drippin' Honey Wet Shine
20. MAC Boldheart Lipglass
21. MAC Varnishing Rose Lip Varnish
22. Clinique Rose Spectrum Color Surge Lipstick
23. MAC New York Apple Lipstick
24. MAC Wild 'Bout You Lipstick
25. MAC Deep Attraction Lipstick
26. MAC Russian Red Lipstick
27. Revlon Sheer Pomegranate ColorStay Overtime Sheer Lipstick
28. NYC Betti Ann Liquid Lipstick

I apologize if some of these are discontinued. I'm not sure which ones are still available. If you see one you like that you can't find in stores, you can check on They do makeup swaps there. Just be sure to sanitize it well if you do choose to swap with someone!

After all, we all want the brightest smile possible:


Connie said...

Thanks for making that simple! I always wondered why some shades of lipstick made my teeth look whiter and some made them look yellowish. Now I know there's a simple answer.

Now, I have to ask your help, please?

"My kingdom for a good set of eyebrow tweezers!"

Do they exist? Are they just legend? Am I doomed to stand in front of the mirror for hours at a time, repeatedly pulling at the same little hairs and wondering if I should just shave my eyebrows off and be done with it?

Seriously, I have tried everything, and a unibrow is not an option...

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks for the idea, Connie! I will make a post about that now.