Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, to Be a Banana

We just introduced my daughter to fruit after such veggie success. So far, she's had pears and bananas. She liked the pears, but she loved the bananas. She even had them in her oatmeal this morning. What is it with that girl and bananas? I mean, look:

And if you're wondering where that's from, this is where'iss'at, where'iss'at, where'iss'at:

Speaking of bananas, they're a lot like people. I mean, they're generally sweet on the inside once you get past that outer layer. Some are easier to peel than others. If you leave them alone too long on the counter to, you know, count the spots on the ceiling or something, they get kind of mushy and let any ol' nut take them to bread. Leave them even longer and they'll turn completely rotten on you. And that just stinks.

So put your bananas to good use before they fail to perform their mission in life. Here are a few tips:
Natural Health Mag: Learn to use bananas to soothe and moisturize your dry skin. This mask smells great, and it's natural (duh).
This article, The Beauty of Bananas, teaches you how to use bananas as a facial mask, an exfoliant, a hair conditioner, and a hand cream.

Put those bananas to use! Otherwise, they'll have to make their own way in the world (another YouTube clip). Hey, wait, I want that guy's job...


Anonymous said...

this is funny.....too funny. I cant stop laughing! I had forgotten that there was a song about peanut butter and jelly. tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

LOL There's another one I learned in kindergarten, but it's not nearly as cool. hehehe

Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, Guess what I found, Marie Claire has a generator on their website that you can upload your photo and try new hairstyles on and even clothes for your body type and Make up toooo.....Its should go take a peak. If you think its worthy of passing along, you can post it on the blog...I dont have a clue how to send the link. Tasha

Mommy Beauty said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll check it out!