Saturday, February 16, 2008

MAC Fafi High Top Lipstick Review

I went to the MAC counter tonight to check out the Fafi stuff in person after seeing some swatches online. I thought I had no interest in the collection at all because the eye shadow colors were either to close to things I have (Fafi Eyes 1) or not flattering on my skin tone (Fafi Eyes 2), and I'm an eye makeup kind of gal.

The lipsticks are unique though! I ended up with High Top which, frankly, sounds butt-ugly on the website (grey purple with blue purple--glaze. Hello, microwaved death), but is nifty on due to the duochrome effect it has on my lips.

If I'd been able to pick one more, it'd have been Fun N Sexy, the magenta with blue pearl.

Here's my review of High Top:

Color--Not really grey, not really purple, despite the description on the MacCosmetics site. It almost looks like there's nothing on my lips. Until the light hits them. There's a blue-green sheen in the sheer plum base that I haven't found in any other lipstick. Don't worry, it's not ghastly, just interesting. Oh yeah, it looks positively frightening in the tube, so don't be put off at first glance.

Texture--A little dry and gritty. This is the only downside to this lippie.

Wearability--It's extremely wearable. Especially for those who get into neutral products with a little something special for oomph. I do. This will look best on cool-to-neutral toned girls, but warm-toned girls shouldn't shy away from at least swatching it. It's a fairly a universal shade since it's so sheer. You could wear this with anything from mascara only to a full-blown black smokey eye. And it can be layered over all types of lip liners and lipsticks, too.

Scent--The normal vanilla that all MAC's lip products have. It's faint, delicious, and taste-free.

Packaging--Typical MAC black tube with a Fafi girl sticker (sorry, the picture isn't printed on the tube.

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