Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Products Moms Love Too!

My face and neck are itchier than a flea-ridden pound puppy wearing prank underpants (you know, the ones with itching powder inside). I'm not sure why that is, but it reminded me of a post I wanted to make anyway about the products designed for babies that moms love for themselves, too.

Eucerin cream: It's thick, it's white, and it looks like SPF 8000 if you don't rub it in well. The smell's not horrible, but it's nothing to make the men flock to you when you take public transportation either (thank goodness). It's kind of neutral.

Anyway, this is frequently recommended for babies' faces when you can't use anything else, plus the eczema they sometimes get on their bodies. When my skin gets really dry and sensitive, I can put this on at night and let it soak in. It feels kind of gross, but it gets the job done if I don't want to use Vaseline. There's also Aquaphor, which is very similar. It looks like Vaseline (so it's not white). I can use it on my whole body, but I'm too lazy to rub it in on that kind of surface area.

You can get a tub of either Eucerin or Aquaphor at the drugstore. I think they're both less than $10 for a large amount.
Pampers baby wipes: I like these to fix makeup mishaps (eyeshadow fallout, perfecting shadow shape, red lipstick that ran outside the lines and "stained" my skin. You can also use them to remove all of your makeup at night. They're a heck of a lot cheaper than the similar items in the cosmetics section. I'm picky, though. I can only use the Pampers ones. The other brands just feel rougher to me. I'm afraid to put them anywhere near my face.

Baby powder: I love this in the Vanilla & Jasmine scent rather than the traditional baby powder scent. While baby powder's not recommended for baby butts anymore due to respiratory issues, I still like to keep it around for days when my hair's flat and kind of oily at the roots. I sprinkle a few teaspoons into my hands and rub them together, then run my fingers through my hair, massaging at the scalp. Sometimes I put it directly on my brush and run it through my hair instead.

Baby shampoo: For cleaning brushes. Cheaper than the stuff they'll sell you at the department stores and it works just as well.

Lavender-scented baby lotion: I used this stuff in college during finals week pretty constantly. It's hard to relax when you're working two jobs and taking a full load of classes. This basically rocked me to sleep, no sitting in the corner hugging my knees to my chest required. Now it's a comforting scent for lots of reasons: the aromatherapy, the "good old days" reminder, and now the connection with my baby (I use the matching lotion/shampoo on her).

Am I missing anything? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, I swear by Eucrine Cream, Dylan has severe eczema, and Its the only thing that works. I have used steroid creams, and even they dont work as well as the Eucerine, besides the Eucrine smells better than the Rx ones. I use Eucrine cream right after I shave and it keeps my legs from getting thoes razor bumps, you know when you shave too close. I also use it on my feet, makes the pedicure last longer....LOL.


Connie Brooks said...

Well, it's really good to know that I'm not the only one raiding my daughters products lol.

I love Grins and Giggles "sweet pea" baby shampoo and I steal her Aquaphor too.

I tried the powder in the hair thing once, but I must have done it wrong because it looked like a strange case of dandruff.