Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Long and Thanks for All the Squash

My daughter's just started her transition into the richly colored land of the veggies. The first thing she tried was squash, and boy, she couldn't get enough of it. If the spoon had been yellow, she'd have tried to eat that too! She did have to lick it clean:
While I doubt you'll find any doctor or nutritionist who'll tell you to wear squash, they'd probably agree that it can help you be beautiful. Just in a different way than...this:For a list of all the reasons winter squash is good for you, as well as nutritional information, check out this site.

Here's the short list:
  • Tons of vitamins, but low in calories. That means that eating squash as part of a balanced diet will contribute to glowing skin, lustrous locks, and a fit figure.
  • Lung health (breathing is important...try rushing back and forth to the changing table and to check the baby 20 times per night without inhaling!)
  • Cuts your risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Reduces inflammation
No matter what they say, beauty isn't skin-deep. It works from the inside out. By keeping yourself healthy through diet and exercise, you'll be one hot mama.

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