Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick Makeup

Carla in Seattle posted earlier wondering about my five minute routine. Here's what the results of the makeup look like:

Ignore the hair. ;)

My daughter just can't figure out why I'm not as excited about 6:30 a.m. as she is:

Good thing she's cute.

Anyway, my super-quick makeup routine's like this:

My skin is pretty moisturized because I use Vaseline at night (I have incredibly dry, dry, dry skin), so I skip that part. Besides, my foundation's really a tinted moisturizer. It keeps me from having to worry about lines, blending, and all that fun stuff. I use Clinique Supermoisture Makeup in Pure Porcelain. Some days, I use Everyday Minerals makeup.

If I have more time (meaning the kid's snoozing on her back with the back of her head resting on her hands like she's basking in the sun that's not even up yet), I'll blend the liquid makeup with the MAC 190 brush. Generally, I just use my fingers. I despise cleaning foundation out of brushes.

Ok, step number 2: Blush. My personal favorite is a limited edition Mineralized Skin Finish from MAC called Petticoat. There's one out now with the N Collection that seems to be similar called Light Flush. It's shimmery and rosy and basically just gorgeous. I apply that to the apples of my cheeks in short little downward strokes and work my way back to the temples. It only takes a little bit of product (any ol' blush brush will do).

Sometimes I wear concealer under my eyes and sometimes I skip it, but if I do use it, I will apply a bit with my ring finger. The one I'm loving right now is Maybelline's Age Rewind. I wear the lightest one, of course, being the color of notebook paper, blue lines and all.

For eye shadow, I need something that will stick. I also need it to be pretty close to my skin tone so I don't have to worry about blending too much. I just slap it on and go. For that, I love MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (I'm loving Painterly lately, but I don't usually wear it by itself).
I just apply that from lash line to brow bone and call it done. If I have a few extra seconds, I'll grab a random color and put that in the crease for a burst of color or to add a little depth. A few seconds more? I'll line my lower lash line with it.

I need to wear eyeliner to avoid looking sick, so I choose either a soft pencil or an easy liquid liner like Cover Girl Line Exact in Smoke. My friend turned me on to that one and I have been a fan ever since.

The next step is mascara. Just a few swipes from one of my favorites will complete the look. I have Clinique High Definition in Black, Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black, and Plush Lash in Brownette in rotation now.

And that's it! If I'm going somewhere, I'll swipe some gloss on in the car. Otherwise, I'm too busy smooching fat baby cheeks to bother. I'd tell you my favorite lip gloss but I don't have one. My purse would be about 5 lbs lighter if I'd just take out that darn plastic container FULL of lip products.

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Thank you!!! I JUST saw this!! Thanks for the recommendations!