Thursday, January 17, 2008

Milking a pampering session

Yesterday was an interesting day for my face...and eyes...and hair. My daughter and I started off with a 6:30 a.m. feeding session. Well, allergies or something got the best of her even though she was ravenous. The only thing coming between her and that bottle was a sneeze, and it was a big one. Sadly for me, I was sitting there, rocking slowly in the nightlight's glow, eyes open but not really awake yet, totally oblivious to the tickling going on in her nose...and then WHOOSH! A mouthful of milk made its way toward my face. Achoo? Nice.

Fast forward to the second feeding of the day, 9:00. She's just starting to enjoy solid foods, rice cereal of course being the first thing for her to eat with a spoon. Now that she's been eating the cereal for almost a week, I've started giving larger spoonfuls than I started out with. Boy, was it my lucky day. While I was busy concentrating on coaxing her into eating it with "Mmm" or "Yummy yummy yummy," she coughed and I got cereal in my eye. Twice. Didn't her mama teach her not to talk, shriek, sneeze, or cough with her mouth full?

The moral of the story is, milk is not just good for the baby; milk's also good for mommies, but not this way (eww!). Here are a few ways you can enjoy milk. When you get a moment for a hot soak or a facial mask, try adding milk.
  • Use milk to exfoliate in your next bath, no real scrubbing required. The lactic acid basically dissolves the dead skin cells. All it takes is two to four cups of milk (you can use buttermilk if you'd like) in your bath. Feel free to add your favorite scented oils to the bath for extra moisturizing agents and some aromatherapy. Soak for around twenty minutes to reap the benefits and emerge with glowing, goddess-like skin. You'll want to use a loofah lightly while you're in the bath and rinse off well with water when you're done.
  • Add body to your hair with a hot water and milk paste that you leave on for 20-30 minutes. Wear a warm, damp towel on top, turban-style.
  • Moisturize your face with a milk mask. Combine four parts whole milk, one part almond oil. Since it's thin, you'll have to layer it, letting it dry between layers. Do three or four layers and then rinse off when it's hardened.
While you're busy putting milk on the outside of your body, don't forget to drink some, too! Dip some Oreos in it or add it to hot cocoa for an extra little splurge. You deserve it.


Christin said...

Aww she's getting all grown up with her solid foods! I love the bathing in milk idea, btw. I could really go for that right about now!

Mommy Beauty said...

Hey Christin!

Me too! LOL I bet it would feel good after that snowball fight!

John said...

She is the most BEAUTIFUL baby girl in the world!!!!!

Love Ya'll!!!!!
PaPa John