Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MAC Plush Lash Mascara Review

MAC's newest mascara is Plush Lash, available in Plushblack and Brownette. Being a huge MAC fan, I generally want to try just about all of their products (much to my husband's dismay!) MAC has been at the bottom of my mascara "bad" list. So many of them have been returned or recycled in their Back2MAC program that I didn't have much faith in this one. However, the reviews were good and I wanted a brown mascara to go with the eye shadows I got from the N collection (more collection reviews on that later).

Anyway, on to the review:

The Color
As listed above, I was looking for a good brown mascara for a more natural color. Brownette delivers. I have black lashes with blonde tips, and Brownette doesn't look too light or too much like black mascara. I'd say it's perfect for a softer look without sacrificing length or volume.

The Formula
This mascara goes on like a gel. It's not so watery that it flies all over your upper and lower lids (I had this problem with Maybelline Great Lash), but it's not so thick and dry that it clumps or doesn't want to transfer to your lashes well at all. It's just thick enough to grab onto the lashes and still look like lashes rather than the dreaded "spider legs." Poor spiders. Their legs have such a bad reputation.

This formula didn't burn my eyes or irritate my contacts, thank goodness.

The Application
Application's kind of tricky at first even though the formula is, in the words of Marcia Brady, dreamy. The brush is shaped like a football and it's a little on the thick side. What makes it a little aggravating to use is the difference in the bristles. Some mascaras with two application methods have a brush side and a comb side (like Clinique's High Definition, another one I love), making it easy to tell which is which. With the Plush Lash mascara, you have to really look closely to see which side to use first.

Use the short bristles first, then follow through with the longer brush. The first part gives you volume; the second part gives you length. What I did was wiggle the brush at the base of my lashes and them pull it through, then I rotated the brush 1/4 of a turn and pulled the longer bristles through. Rotated again for another short side, then again for the longer side. So for each eye, I used each set of bristles on the brush. Technically, I guess that means I did two coats per eye (though it was sort of four).

Application went more quickly than dual-ended mascaras I've tried, and more quickly than other mascaras with similar brushes (L'Oreal Telescopic, Clinique High Definition, etc), but not any quicker than mascaras I love with traditional brushes (Cover Girl Lash Exact, etc).

The Effect
I said I wanted natural color--I never said anything about completely natural lashes! Ha! I'm big on dramatic volume and length. Ideally, people will wonder if I'm wearing falsies. I would say this delivers. That does not mean I want to look like this:

(First attempt at applying super-mega-ultra-thick-and-black lashes...No, I didn't leave the house.)

I still had oodles of volume and length, which made me happy! My lashes weren't as "in your face" as they would have been with the black formula though.

The Cost
Plush Lash isn't much more than drugstore mascaras unless you can find a great deal. It's $11.00 at MAC counters, stores, and online at MACCosmetics.com.

Overall Opinion
I could handle keeping this on hand in both black and brown. I'd probably toss all my other tubes except the Cover Girl Lash Blast and Clinique High Definition. I like to keep a few types in rotation because my lashes, like my hair, tend to get used to certain products and not give me the same effect from day to day.

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