Friday, April 16, 2010

Spell Cosmetics Online Makeover Results

Some of you may have seen me comment about Spell Cosmetics so you know how awesome I think they are. Recently, Elle posted on the Spell blog that she would like to do free online makeovers for their Facebook fans. All you have to do is send a photo of yourself, tell her what kind of look you're going for, and colors you don't like on yourself. You don't just get product recommendations, you get step-by-step instructions--and a VIP discount of 25% that lasts for 48 hours after the consultation. 

Here's what I sent:
I'm most interested in a day-to-day but slightly dramatic look. I don't care if I look like I'm wearing makeup, but I don't want a full-on black smoky eye at 10 a.m. either (I have been known to do that though). LOL I just want to look pretty and maybe a little sexy/mysterious.

Colors I don't like on myself: Deep greens, teals, most blues (I use hints of blue sometimes and that's okay), yellows...I prefer neutral or pink lips and play up the eyes most days.

Her recommendations included:
Antiquity, Sepia, and Triple Strand shadows with a little Bronze if I want something extra
Goddess Glow blush
Ingenue Gloss
Black liquid liner

I had a color that looked kind of close to Sepia, though Sepia's probably a little darker, so I didn't use that in these pics. I was also drinking coffee while taking these pics, so the lipgloss had worn off:
I love all of the products, but I think Triple Strand is especially amazing. It's pearly and livens up my eye area without depositing a lot of color. 

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself. The "makeover" was free.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! But you were already gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this!!! xoxo~elle

Eclectic Musings said...

Thank you so much, Elle! I was happy to share--I love the results (well, except the eyeliner I screwed up because my 2 year old was yelling at me the whole time...hahaha). I think you gave me exactly what I asked for; this look could go anywhere but it's definitely not plain.

Kim said...

Lovely - as usual!! Thanks for blogging about this - I just sent my makeover info to them - can't wait to see what is suggested!!

Eclectic Musings said...

Yay Kim!!! I can't wait to hear what she suggests for you either.