Monday, March 1, 2010

The Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Beauty

  This will be in a magazine later, but the idea started out as a blog post, so I'll put it here too:

  What girl doesn't love beauty tips and looking her best? In a world where we're wrapped up with celebrity images, plastic surgery, and the latest scandal, sometimes it's hard to remember to get back to the basics. There are a few things we can teach our daughters about beauty that ideally will move with them through the passing trends, the years, the wrinkles, and everyday life. 

1.     You can't avoid every wrinkle no matter how hard you try or which products you use, so make sure the wrinkles you do get reflect the laughter and joy you've shared with others.

2.     Wear sunscreen—and not just on your face. Don't forget your hands; they'll tell the truth about your age even if your face lies.

3.     Never forget that everyone is beautiful, no matter their age, weight, skin color, or anything else. No matter how old you get or how much you weigh—no matter how much you hate your thighs or your tummy or your triceps one day—you're still beautiful too. Believe it.

4.     Moisturize your body after every shower for youthful, glowing skin.  Exfoliate from head to toe at least once a week. You'll get your circulation going and remove the dead skin.

5.     Sometimes the prettiest makeup is the quickest. A little blush, mascara, and lipgloss can perk you up on a day when you're feeling tired. And sometimes a smile is all you need.

6.     The best way to look beautiful is to give someone else a compliment.

7.     There's very little that a brand new tube of pink lipstick can't fix.

8.     You're a multi-tasker. Expect the same from your beauty products. Buy things that pull double-duty (or more!) and save your money. If you're itching to spend the extra anyway, donate it.

9.     It's okay not to act your age sometimes.  You're never "too old" for blue nail polish.

10  Embrace your imperfections. They are not flaws. And whatever you do, don't obsess! It's not worth it.

11  For radiant skin, drink plenty of water. Skip the alcohol and coffee. Drinking your eight glasses of  water and getting a moderate amount exercise every day is good for you—inside and out.

It'I  It's a classic mom-ism, but seriously, stand up straight. You'll look slimmer, feel better, and people will take you more seriously.

Se  Seek out balance in life. Being calm and being happy will make you so much prettier than any new blush.

14  Treat beauty magazines like junk food. It's okay to indulge sometimes, but don't let them be your main course.  Read some fiction, learn how to do something new, or pick up a biography. Always expand your mind when given the opportunity. Give yourself lots of opportunities.

15  As Audrey Hepburn once said, "For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone." 

Taking basic care of yourself, loving others, and enjoying life can be the quickest beauty-boosters. Those things can sometimes surpass the finest lotions and potions out on the market and they can definitely make your beauty more well-rounded. After all, what's a pretty face without a beautiful spirit behind it? Teaching your daughter about the heart of beauty can instill confidence that money and facial creams can't provide.


Christin said...

That was beautiful! :)

Eclectic Musings said...

Thank you. :)

Jessica said...

That's really great! And I love the Hepburn quote. Hadn't seen that one anywhere in awhile. I'd forgotten how much I like it. :)

Eclectic Musings said...

Thanks, Jessica! I saw it for the first time this year.