Friday, March 19, 2010

Some People

First, let me say that I am sure I annoy other people sometimes, and sometimes I'm completely oblivous. We all do unless we're complete hermits. I'm nearly a hermit, but not quite. Today was the first "real" spring day and there were a ton of people out at the park, even before school was out for the day. I realized again that some people just bug me or in the very least make me question their judgment. Sometimes they just make me giggle and they don't really bug me, but I thought they were worth a mention too. ;)

The other day, I went to the park and it was still a little cold. There, I found a girl lying on top of a guy, making out in full view of the playgrounds (and picnic areas, and trail...), but conveniently hidden from the parking lot thanks to a hill. On the preschool playground, there were smoking mommies. I don't mean they were wearing skinny jeans and halters with their bangin' curves on display. I mean they lit up and smoked their cigarettes right on the bench, not 20 feet from the slides. I seriously doubt that's even allowed. Ugh.

Today was complete hell as I tried to make my way around the parking lot to find a spot. People were cutting each other off, nearly wrecking (I actually thought I watched one happen, but I guess they missed it by about 3 inches) as they scrambled to hold up not one, but both lanes of  traffic while they sat there waiting for a mom to pack up her kids, her stroller, and make sure everybody had their appropriate snacks/pacifiers/etc.

Later, I was trying to back out and give someone a parking space, but there were two cars in a row just sitting behind me, waiting for other people to get packed up and back out. As they sat there, traffic continued to collect behind them, and everybody was so busy cursing them, they didn't even notice that, "Hey, Buddy, I'd like to get OUT here." I think it took me a full 10 minutes to free up a parking spot, and Ramona was not in the best mood.

Other things I've noticed today:
  • Trying to potty train and use a public restroom does not work. People don't clean up after themselves.
     I knew this, but I'm always shocked to find another example of it. I'm not putting my kid on that seat, and she's too freaked out when I hold her up to go. Pull-ups rock.
  • Women with kids wear six-inch stilettos To. The. Park. Um, why? You don't have to go looking as frumpy as me in my yoga pants, tank, hair in a bun, and slightly hideous sunglasses bought on a whim, but dude.
  • When other people's kids push my kid, I get really annoyed, and it does not help when they try to flirt with me later (the kids, not the parents, though if the parents tried to flirt I'd probably just get more annoyed. Lol). 
  • There are other mommies in the world who, like me, want to (and do!) wear tube tops. I always feel weird doing that, plus I'm afraid it'll get yanked down. I try not to wear one when I'm going out with Ramona by myself.
  • Skechers Shape-ups make it fun to walk (I did two miles instead of just one). I'll review them later after I've had a chance to judge their effectiveness. They do feel really good to my super-high arches. You could drive a tractor under the arches of my feet and these hug them nicely.
  • Teenage guys will pretend they can't catch up to teenage girls when they're jogging together and the girl's loose and very short shorts keep flapping up with every stride.
  • Getting an iced coffee on the way to the park to go for a 1-2 mile walk while pushing a stroller loaded with about 40 lbs of stuff (kid included) is probably not the best idea. Hooray for being one of the stupid people I'm ranting about.
  • Apparently there's a chic mommies' club made of women who wear boots and skinny jeans with fancy shirts to the park when it's finally warm enough for flip-flops. They all looked like they thought they were far too superior to be outdoors, but were making the best of it by forming the Foxy Boot Clan (but I did want to ask them where they shopped for their shoes!).
  • Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) lives in my town. Yep, and he has a mean motorcycle. I knew it was him when I saw his beard blowing in the breeze as he drove by.
Enough spewing of the venom. Thanks for humoring me. It's been a rough day (even before my adventures at the park!). I got new walking shoes and one of the first things I did in them was narrowly miss toddler poop on the bathroom floor. Have I mentioned that I've taken the next step in potty training and started letting her wear big girl panties? She's usually good, but when she screws up, boy does she screw up.

In the words of my favorite fictional character, "Tomorrow is another day."


Kim said...

Fiddle-dee-dee - I swear I've never worn 6-inch the park. ;-)

The world is a crazy place, isn't it? Makes you really wonder about the future of our species.

Eclectic Musings said...

LOL Kim! Was it when you had your toddlers with you, though? With no backup? What if one took off running? That would be a bad day for me. hahaha

Kim said...

LOL - I said I had NEVER worn 6" stilettos to the park. Heck no, I'd never have done that when my two were toddlers. It was sneakers so I could keep up with them!

Eclectic Musings said...

I totally read that as sarcasm in your first post. hahaha

Kim said...

LOL! Well, normally I would insert some sarcasm, but that time I was totally serious. :-)