Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I polished off a bag of dark chocolate M&M's (don't judge, rough week). Ramona found the empty purple bag on the coffee table after her nap. She said, "Mommy, you ate ALL of these." I said, "Yeah, Mommy's a pig." She said, "You're not a pig, Mommy, you're a woman."  That statement is much more accurate than she has any idea about at this point in time. She is a wise, wise child.


Christin said...

Awww she knew just what to say! I love her little face!!! One day (in the far, far, far future) y'all will be sharing those M&Ms... ;)

Eclectic Musings said...


Speaking of her face, you should see the twisted up "Whatchoo talkin' bout" look she gets all the time now.

She talks about you a lot!

Christin said...

LOL Aww! We need to get together soon. :)