Friday, February 12, 2010


We never get snow like this!!! Best. Day. Ever. I got to drive in it, build a snowman, make a snow angel, and go "sledding" (on a sheet of cardboard) down the driveway. I really want to go down the huge hill in the back but I ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow...

Wheeee!!!! This was her second time down. She loved it.
Getting ready (these pics are all in reverse order because of the way they uploaded to Blogger)
We had a hard time getting started, but once we did, we almost hit the mailbox!
Woooo! There was a big mound of snow blocking the way, but we figured out how to manage.
At the top. Neither of us had ever done this. We were both a little nervous. The driveway's pretty steep. haha
Bushy brows and rosy cheeks are in, yes?
She looks way more elegant than I do trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
High-five! Thanks for letting you borrow my hat? No problem, any time.

It looks like the snowman's giving them the evil eye. He's going to try to kill us later when all the lights are out, isn't he?

My sorry attempt at a snow angel. The idea came up and I was down in a half-second!
The beginnings of the snowman.

This was meant to show how deep the snow was after it first started coming down. When I moved my feet and Ramona saw that there was mud underneath, she started to cry because it was "dirty" and we had to go in for a while. This was before the snow got a good bit deeper, hubby came home, and we started the snowman (she's been dying to make a snowman since she saw Caillou do it).


Kim said...

LOL - you guys look like you're having a blast! I love the close-up pic of you & Ramona - it's adorable!

Mommy Beauty said...

I maaaaay have had a little bit more fun than she did, but I can't help it--snow turns me into a giddy little kid! LOL