Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today was Ramona's first foray into fingerpaint. You'd think I would have bought some already with the way she likes to dump everything remotely like a gel or liquid onto her tray and smear her fingers through it. Sometimes she even takes the excess and flings it onto the wall. I just get too caught up in the, "Ugh, now there's something else to clean up!" to think, "Hey, I have an idea! I want to go buy something else to clean up!" Yeah, I know, I'm a terrible mother because I just can't embrace the messes or happily smear collard juice through my own hair. At least she eats collards.

Anyway, we went to Target tonight and all the way there and back she chanted "I wanna PAINK! I wanna PAINK. I WANNA PAAAAAINK." To add to the excitement, she associates paint with Santa Claus because when we went to Michael's today to get some yellow acrylic paint for me, she saw Santa. Did you know he drives a Honda when the reindeer are feeling lazy? Nice car. White like his beard. It reminds me of that joke where you hold up a piece of plain white paper and say, "Look, a polar bear playing in the snow." More like, "Look, it's Santa driving his Honda the last stretch of his way home!" We decided he must've been picking up some paint for the toys he's making and checking in on all the kids in the southeastern region of the country while he's at it.

When we got home, we put out the tarp, pulled out a big sheet of paper and let the budding artist get to work. On the way home she said she was going to paint a green cow with blue milk. The finished product looks like a pasture to me! I think she's a fan of this new medium, and she surprisingly didn't really make much of a mess. It was entertaining because she'd tell me which color she wanted and where to squirt some of it on the page, then she'd stick her hands in and work on her masterpiece. There are some handprints on the tarp but none on the carpet or walls like I feared. I can't wait to take her easel outside in the spring and let her paint there.

Tomorrow will be fun. We're going to paint some more, drink hot cocoa, and watch Cinderella. I love the beginning of the month when I feel like I have a little bit more free time (deadlines!). Sometimes I run out of fun projects for a 2-year-old. If anyone out there has any ideas, let me know!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lipstick on Your Teeth?

This is an old trick. Everybody may know it, but I just saw a video on it the other day and it reminded me that there may be someone out there who doesn't know, and they could be suffering from the only type of smile that ranks right up there with spinach in your teeth--the red/pink/purple-toothed kind.

After you apply your lipstick or gloss, stick your index finger in your mouth (the whole thing). Close your lips around it and pull it back out again. The lipstick that would've made it to your teeth will now be on your finger. So go grin at somebody and make the world a better place. :D

Friday, January 29, 2010

What Brown Can Do

No, this isn't a fashion post. Or a makeup post. Or a hair post. (Darn it!) The wind sounds just far enough away from freight train level for me to know that it's not actually a tornado, and there's rain that will probably freeze on the driveway again. I'm inside feeling thankful now that I'm done pulling the window screens off of the deck and into the house (they're still down from when we had our house painted--oops!--and when I heard one fly up against the side of the house, I knew it was time to at least bring them in).

Brown is supposedly a cozy color. It's recommended for dens and living areas where you want to feel warm and relaxed, where you want to wind down after a long day. I remember my dad had a brown La-Z-Boy recliner pretty much all my life, and I have to agree; that color is like an instant hug. I love color therapy, or chromotherapy, but that's another post.

So brown...the color of my dog and the color of the insanely rich hot chocolate my hubby makes for me when I'm having a bad day (or a craving...haha). Today was a bad day.

First, I'll start with the hot chocolate:

I love how he has whipped cream and chocolate syrup for hair. 70% cocoa, melted in a double boiler with heavy whipping cream, honey, milk, and some other stuff I don't remember. I can't drink it often, but it is oh-so-good.

The other "brown" I'm thankful for tonight is my dog, Rufus. We did a little mini-photoshoot tonight:

He's a boxer/bulldog mix we got from the shelter about five years ago. He'd been seized by the sheriff's department because his previous owner chained him up outside and basically just left him there. He was emaciated when we got him but he LOVED to try to play and run. We could see what kind of heart he had and how his rough beginnings (first nine months of life) didn't harm his outlook on life or humanity. He has proven us right time and time again.

Rufus is kind of silly sometimes, like when we first moved into our current house and he caught his reflection in the window and tried to attack it. But he's an excellent dog and he unflinchingly takes SUCH abuse from Ramona. She drags him around by the collar (she's technically walking him without a leash, but he doesn't seem too enthusiastic about it), steps on his feet, pulls on his tail, smacks him in the face sometimes while shouting, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" (somebody's observed too many video games being played), and still, he doesn't care. He guards her door while she sleeps, checks on her when she falls, licks her when she gets close enough and doesn't seem to be up to anything silly...

We could learn a lot from dogs. Especially big goofy brown mutts who just want to be loved.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybelline Sunset Seduction Quad Neutral-Dramatic Eyes

I hope you can hear it! My daughter was awake, singing Old MacDonald to herself. If she heard me, she'd demand to come downstairs and then I wouldn't get this thing done. LOL This is kind of a dramatic side of neutral eye using the new Maybelline Sunset Seduction quad (the taupe, copper-brown, and pinkish-white shades). Other products used include:

Micabella Mineral Foundation in Lady Godiva (also used as my under eye concealer)
NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo
MAC Carbon
Stila Convertible Liner in Onyx
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (Blackest Black)
MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass
Nails (hahaha)
OPI Metro Chic

All products in this video were purchased by me and it was my choice to include them in the video. No one's paying me anything, but I wish somebody would. ;)

Favorite Products of 2009

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review

This video's been up on YouTube for a while, but I have an update: I've found that if I mix it 50/50 with Smashbox Artificial Light, it looks amazing and not dry at all. I just look alive, which is more than I can say for most winter days. :)

What's in My Purse

This is a tag on YouTube...first tag I've ever participated in. See what's in my bag: