Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I won't say I'm a Scrooge since I buy my Christmas gifts well in advance and have Christmas tunes blaring from my stereo before Thanksgiving even gets here, but I do not enjoy messing with a tree.

Last night I had the house to myself so that I could unwind, so I went down to the basement where our artificial one was buried under mounds of memorabilia, comic book boxes, and more. I totally worked off any stress I had by getting that bad boy out of the corner, out from under a long table--and knocked a ceiling-high stack of comic book boxes over on myself (at least they were empty!).

I still have no idea where half of our ornaments are; the only reason I found any at all is because we bought them after Christmas last year and they were just sitting around down there. I also found some lights which are really awesome because they blink sixteen different ways, one of which made me feel like I was going to have a seizure just by watching. After we got the first strand densely wrapped around the tree, we tried to connect them to the next strand. Waitaminute...that wasn't possible. They don't actually connect?!!? Ohhhhh...they're the outside lights, the ones we have never used and probably still won't use this year despite their cool ability to blink sixteen ways, no less.

So we had no idea where our lights were. My husband scooped Ramona up and took her out for the second time last night, on the hunt for lights at Walmart and "getting into the holiday spirit." We also needed a tree topper and something to hang the stocking from. He called from Walmart to let me know that the Christmas stuff was already 75% off and they only had one color of lights left. Purple. I think the angels themselves started singing a chorus of Hallelujah in my head at once because I've always wanted a purple, silver, and white tree but can never find purple lights. Then he corrected himself and said, "Well, they're dark blue, but they might be close enough." They're decidedly blue once lit up, but they're still really pretty.

The whole time, Ramona's was SOOOOO excited about getting Christmas stuff. Seeing the box out when she and her dad came back the first time kind of freaked her out because she didn't know what it was. She looked at it, then ran to him and said, "Pick her up, please?" Then he explained and it was okay again.

Anyway, back to Walmart. He said she had to carry around the angel herself, periodically kissing her on the head. She brought the bag in herself and said, "Mommy, look! Look! An angel!" I let her unwrap her and then set out to remove the packaging. When we put her on the top of the tree, she just stared like it was the coolest thing ever. As we wound the lights around the tree, she kept asking, "Are you okay, angel? Are you okay, angel? Are you okay, angel?" I kept faking her answer, "Yes, yes, I'm okay." When it didn't seem to sink in, I tried a new method, "No, actually, I have a tree up my butt." And still, I got, "Are you okay, angel? Are you okay, angel?" It took a very long time to put on those lights.

We still have ornaments to do because by the time the lights were done, the chili was ready. Ramona didn't really want to eat much and we told her she didn't get to stay up and put the ornaments on if she didn't. Finally, she just said, "I wanna sleep." I guess the ornaments will happen tonight.

Putting up the tree was worth it this year, even if it was kind of late in the season (at least that way I don't have to pull her and the dog off of it for a full month). Ramona was SO excited about it. She jumped and skipped around so much! She also tried to ride our boxer mix, but that's nothing that new.