Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Love Fall!

We've had an eventful fall. We discovered our love for hiking, especially when waterfalls are involved. We visited a pumpkin patch (who knew there were BLUE pumpkins? Hello, centerpiece!). And of COURSE there's Halloween. This fall (or was it summer?) we also went to a belly dance show, and Ramona loved it so much, she danced the whole time she was there. When she found out it was an option, she insisted that we dress her like a belly dancer for trick-or-treating. The best we could do in her size and my limited craft abilities was a Princess Jasmine costume combined with a hip scarf I made. Good thing you can't see the stitching in the picture. Prepare to be bombarded with pictures.

She thought the view from the top of a very steep hike was awesome. She was the only one who didn't want to be in a stroller all the way up and down. Never doing that hike again.
She was NOT down with riding in the wheelbarrow.

This blue pumpkin is currently a part of our centerpiece. It. Is. Awesome.


Taking a break from the hard decisions. So many pumpkins, such short legs.

Check out the warty pumpkins! We carved one the other night and got so many compliments from trick-or-treaters.

Who knew warts were so cool? No Compound W for these guys, no sirree!

Well, ain't he just yummier than a pumpkin pie?

First real bite of candy ever. It's a mini Milky Way. She got hooked UP on the candy. One guy basically gave her the whole bowl. Two thumbs up for cuteness.

Who needs Rajah when you have a pony?
I freaking love this picture.

Belly dancer in action.

Another day, another hike. This one's way better. There's water. Wait and see.

She was surprisingly calm about all that water rushing below her feet. She could see it.

Way, way too many stairs, but I'd do it again. I have done it again since then. It's an awesome challenge.

This is the face I make when she screams in my ear. This is the face she makes when she is screaming about being picked up for a photo shoot. She walked down all the stairs by herself, and part of the ones on the way up. Girl could travel in style (in a backpack) and couldn't even appreciate it.

This is what serenity looks like.

She wasn't exactly thrilled about having to sit, but she posed because she was plotting on climbing those rocks behind her as quickly as possible.

I think this is a really cool shot for some reason.

This looks like a learning opportunity. I'm loving the hat.

The End! I'll try not to put so many pictures in one place again for a while. ;)

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