Friday, September 4, 2009

Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe Review

I got this in Black Royale because I've had luck with other blue-tinged mascaras. They tend to make my eyes stand out. In certain lighting, you can see the blue with this one...and the sparkles. The sparkles look like eyelid dandruff, so I'm not a huge fan. In all lighting, I need to work at noticing that I have lashes at all. This Luxe version is a far cry from the beloved original. If I weren't such a weirdo about throwing out barely-used products, I'd toss it. Maybe I can use it on top of other mascaras for a hint of blue and sparkle. The brush and tube seem to be the same as the original Lash Blast (the Luxe tube is a pretty pinkish-red rather than orange), so the problem has to be the formula.

Prettier tube than the original orange, and so far I haven't had as hard of a time getting it to open. That could change over time.
The color is a nice, subtle blue that looks soft black from far away
It doesn't irritate my eyes, even though there are tiny pieces of glitter in it

Where are my lashes?
Eyelid dandruff? Really?!?!?