Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eww Haiku

This is unrelated to beauty, but yesterday my wonderful, curious little toddler wanted to see if she could stop up a bottle of water with one finger in the backseat. I've been able to trust her with a bottle back there before, but this time, her finger went in, the bottle went upside down, and water poured out all over her and the seat. (She tried to clean herself up with a napkin. LOL) She also has to eat snacks back there to ride in some sort of peace. can imagine the mess when I took the car seat cover off to let it dry. It was so gross, I wrote a haiku:

Removed car seat cloth
Soggy fries, bloated raisins
It's air-drying now

On a happy note, I will be reviewing MAC's Natural Flare quad and Colour-Crafted lipstick soon. I need to wear them more to see what I really think.

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