Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Eye Makeup with YouTube's Panacea81

This girl is such a doll, and I was so happy to see a look with RED shadow. I can never pull off red on my eyes, but she's inspiring me to try again.

If you have a hoilday party to go to and you have no idea how the heck you're going to wear high heels again after wearing flats to chase around a toddler for the last few months (*ahem* ME), you can at least know your eye makeup looks good, even if you look like you're just "toddling" around yourself.

And hey, even if you bust your butt, at least you got a night out without the kids and the opportunity to wear heels at all! That's what I keep telling myself...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Eye Makeup

This is a trick I use when I want to look like I put a lot of time into my shadow, blending different colors, etc.

First, put down a black base on just your lid, to right below your crease (or into your crease if you want more drama). Today, I used MAC's Sharkskin Shadestick but I'm not a big fan of it anymore. It's too dry and I wound up tugging on my eyelids way more than I should've to get even a somewhat even coating. You can use MAC's Blackground Paint Pot or even a black liner. If you're using a regular black liner, you may want to add the extra step and put on a regular primer first, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion, since regular liner is likely to crease if you put it all over your lids as a base.

Make sure the base blends out at the edges so you don't have a harsh line (I just use my finger, but some people prefer flat, synthetic brushes to apply them and blend them). Then you take a duochrome shadow/pigment (today I used MAC Old Gold), which just means that it looks like it's different colors depending on the way the light hits it. Layer it over that black base and up above where the base ended, almost to the brow bone. It will look like two totally different colors and you won't even have to open another shadow. Old Gold, for example, looks like a deep emerald green over the black and a brassy color on my skin. Pink Pearl (MAC) looks navy blue over black and bright pinkish-purple on skin.

Highlight color is optional. So is liner. Always use mascara, though. ;)

The end result is kind of a funky, colorful smoky look.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Holiday Lips

My new favorite red lip combination is MAC Red paired with Red Enriched liner (also MAC). Here's a picture:

I think I'll be wearing this combination quite a bit until spring! Yep, even during the day. LOL

What's YOUR favorite red lip combo?