Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Makeup Trends

I'm in love with the dark, romantic looks of fall makeup. My favorite lip combination right now:

Prestige Black Plum Liner with MAC Media lipstick. Not carefully tapped on with your fingertip--applied straight from the tube for intensity. Another lipstick I use with that same liner is ULTA's Black Cherry, which is glossier than Media. You could deepen either lipstick more with black liner and really be true to the near-goth look of the season, but I have yet to do that without just goofing around. Maybe I'd try it if I were in my clubbing days (oh wait, I never had any of those).

For daytime eyes, I do matte-ish neutrals. I like Vanilla on the lid, Club in the crease, Malt above the crease, and Vanilla to highlight the brow bone. Line the top with slightly winged black liner and the bottom with more Club. Then add mascara. Don't forget a little bit of blush (MAC Blushbaby's good here).

For night, I go with a bit more shimmer. MAC's new Smoke & Diamonds is the perfect smoky lid color, with a hint of Carbon in the outer V and crease, blended up with Wedge, and highlighted with Shroom. Again, blush is a must! You can go with precise liquid liner or smudged out pencil liner (Stila's Convertible Liner in Onyx is good for this). Add Smoke & Diamonds to the inner 2/3 of the bottom lash line, with Carbon on the outer 1/3. Load up on the mascara for drama.

For the perfect nighttime outfit, combine edginess with femininity. Black leather pants with a cream colored lace top, anyone?

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