Thursday, June 5, 2008

Milani Runway Eyes Single Shadow Review

One word: Ugh.

Like a bird or a redneck, I like shiny things. That means that when I saw the collection of Milani Runway eyes shadows gleaming up at me, smiling and winking, I had to stop and check them out. And then resist the urge to buy one in every color.

"Just one," I told myself. Then my superego (??? Too long since the Psych classes) chimed in, "For now," when my id tried to throw a todderesque tantrum on the floor of my brain. So the most grown-up version of my brain sat down on the floor with me as I tried to decide on the single color to take home and try out. My first thought was to get the black one, but I have too many black shadows and not enough occasions to really dig into them, so I went with Beach Sand, the one that seemed to be a hint darker than my skin tone and packed with silver and pink microglitter shimmer.

When I got home, I used the sponge-tip side of the goofy curved brush included in the compact. The other side is a traditional brush. I haven't tried that side because I think it'd send fairy dust stuff all over the place. Since Tinkerbell's nowhere to be found and I'm not sure how to get down if I do, in fact, find myself flying due to eye shadow fallout, I refrained from using that brush.

Anyway, the swatch I did on my hand with the sponge-tip side turned out to be gorgeous, almost the way water glimmers in the sun. If the water were champagne-colored. The shimmery specks were farther apart than I'd hoped they'd be, so it didn't have quite the metallic sheen I was wishing for, but hey, it was a drugstore shadow so I'll cut it some slack. Then I tried it wet, as the shadow package says to do for more intensity. It was a little better, but still not perfect. I would've deemed it a keeper, IF...

If underneath the top layer of shadow/sparkle, there was more sparkle! Underneath that top layer of pulverized disco ball beauty, there is just slightly shimmery, sorta pretty shadow. Phooey. I have about 14 others that look just like it. The silvery-pink shimmer is what made me think this one was different from all the others.

Always one to root for the underdog a little too long, I tried this on my eyes anyway. I like to give makeup a fair shot before going through the hassle of a return. So this morning I tried it on my eyes. Big mistake. I put it on over MAC Painterly Paint Pot. That part was fine. It even looked really pretty since some of the shimmer was still on top. Heck, I didn't even mind when it crumbled a little bit in the pot as I scooped more color up.

On my eyelids, it's the same color as my skin, so it just looks like I have shimmery lids, but not over the top. I'd call it an almost-no-makeup look, actually. The shimmer's not that obvious. The surprise came later. A few hours after I put it on, the inner corner of my right eye was swollen and sore. This thing's definitely going back to the store.

Overall, I would prefer to throw this shadow against the wall, scrape the pieces from the floor, and then burn them. However, here are the positives: It's a very soft shadow. It's also very subtle, especially once you get past the really sparkly top layer. Oh, and it's cheap: $6, though you can find Milani BOGO or BOGO-half-off quite often. The biggest pro for me? I can return it to CVS and get my money back because they have a really good return policy. So does Walgreens. Not sure about Wal-mart and Target as far as used cosmetics are concerned, but I don't think you can get Milani products there anyway.


Lei said...

I totally agree.

I just bought Milani Glimmer Stripes to use as an eyeshadow/highlighter for my jawline and cheekbones.

I bought it in pink glimmer.

Liked it ok - would not buy again.

Not nearly as bad an experience as lining my eyes (waterline) with Maybelline Cool Effects "Cold as Ice"

I thought they were joking about the "cooling effect" and it almost ended with a trip to the eye doctor. I had to carry around Visine for a week straight - and that's after I rinsed my eyes for 5-10 mins.

I mean, get real, who's eyes overheat and need cooling?? Worst Product ever.

Next to that, my Milani Shimmer Stripe, is just disappointing, not painful. I am really sorry to hear that it hurt you though :(

Not impressed with Milani so far at all!

Mommy Beauty said...

I had high hopes because I like a lot of Milani's regular shadows, their blushes, and their polish. This definitely stinks though.

Sorry about your Cool Effects experience. I liked the pencils but hated the liquid shadow product they had. It would not go on well for anything.

Guess I won't be trying the Shimmer Stripe. They had me intrigued, too.